Where and How Should I Do My Engagement Photo Shoot?

The wedding couple should choose three or four locations that have great significance to them as a couple and will provide an excellent background for the photographs. These locations will give extra special meaning to the couple, because they could be the “our place” locations or the place that the man proposed or some other emotional and evocative location (like a mountain top or a beach cove or a clearing in a forest) that will play up the romance that these photo sessions require to make them stand out as something special for the impending bride & groom. Then the couple needs to tell the photographer about the location(s) and ask him to scout the location(s) to determine which choices will provide effective settings for the engagement photo shoot.

After the scout, the photographer will be able to determine which ones will give him (and the couple) the most flexibility in terms of posing, lighting, angles, and varying backgrounds, and what time of day is the best time to shoot. This is extremely important to ensure high-quality, memorable photographs. An optimal time to stage the engagement photo is near sunset, because the photographer will be able to capture the couple in normal daylight, and then with the sun setting (perhaps in silhouette with the sun directly behind the couple or with the sun just moving behind a building or behind some breathtaking landscape or seascape) and finally during the romantic glow of Magic Hour… the wonderful time of day in which the sun has just dipped below the horizon line, but the sky – now purple, red and deep blue — is still illuminated and will provide a surreal, mystical lighting situation that will give you the most wonderful photographs.

Whatever you choose in terms of location and time of day, the engagement photoshoot is another opportunity to get additional photographs of the couple in a sentimental environment and get used to working with the photographer, think of it as dry run for the main event.

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