What Attracts Women – It is Not Their Choice!

Women are diverse in their attractions to physical, emotional and social aspects in their life. It’s important to mention that women are human and live in different environments that somehow shape there behavior and demands. But according to Elena Solomon, generally women want many things, and are attracted to many things as well including hot gossip and latest outfits, but as far as men-women relationships are concerned, this is the one and the only women’s request; They want strong, powerful, overwhelming emotions. They want to be swept off their feet. If you manage to deliver that, all other women’s desires and requirements become irrelevant: – money, looks, height, education, status, or anything else men habitually put on the list of desired attributes – none of this really matters.

Yes! A woman can fall hopelessly in love with a man who isn’t good looking doesn’t have money, doesn’t have education, who is short, bald and old, as long as he manages to deliver these powerful emotions that women are craving. It is evident that the requirements of a woman for money and status come from intellectual, or conscious part of the brain – and the emotion of love, or attraction, comes from emotional or subconscious part of the brain.

In other words, she cannot decide not to fall in love. This is simply because she cannot help it but just succumbs. It’s absolutely imperative for you as a man to evoke strong emotions in a woman in order for her to fall in love with you. And they don’t have to be positive emotions only – vice versa, an emotional roller coaster works the best. In other words, hate is not the opposite of love – it’s its associate and partner. Indifference is the opposite of love. It is easier for you to make a woman that hates you, to fall in love with you, than a woman who has no feelings whatsoever towards you. What most men do not realize is that a woman does not have to like you, in order to fall in love with you. Yes, you’ve read it right: she may not like you but still fall in love with you. Quite often, the reason why she doesn’t like you is the very reason why she falls in love with you. Attraction in women therefore, is an upside down idea and it’s hard to tell what she wants.

According to Elena Solomon the powerful emotion of attraction that overrides all women’s requirements to a potential partner and makes her do the things she would not tell her mother about, is only evoked in a female by a dominant male. In other words, the male she cannot control. Women have in-built mechanism that reacts on the dominant male by making them weak at their knees and feeling swept off their feet – experiencing these all-powerful emotions they are after. They respond to a predetermined pattern of behavior by falling in love with anything.

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