U.s. Campus Shooting Frequent Mental Health System Experts Exposing Vulnerabilities – Psychological,

Recent years, the United States several serious shootings occurred, the perpetrators are young people aged around 20, and subsequently were confirmed to have significant psychological problems. Psychological experts say, because many young people being bullied or make fun of others, resulting in significant mental illness.

Some experts say the current U.S. health care system in the treatment of patients with mental illness exist in any obvious defects, leaving many young people suffering from mental illness can receive treatment in time to take extreme acts of violence resulting in casualties heavy mass shootings.

Dec. 5, 2007 Omaha mall revolver

Despair, so he wanted to create panic

12 3 5 42 points, Omaha, “911” emergency center received a phone call, said the mall shooting occurred. Before long, 19-year-old gunman Robert? Hawkins killed eight people in the post-commit suicide. It is said that Hawkins and his girlfriend just broke up, then lost in the McDonald’s work. Before the shooting, Hawkins left a testament article, and wrote his “apology to all things, will not become a burden on the family”, also said he would be “famous.”

Psychologist Kaluo Er? Lieberman after his case analysis, said: “Hawkins is a desperate young man, he thought he lost his parents, girlfriend, boss, and the love of the world. He thought he let people know way only the way the use of violence to vent. because he felt unable to contribute to society through the fame, so he chose to become a notorious gunman. precisely because to feel powerless, he was eager to become a cause panic and injury of the people. “

People familiar with Hawkins also pointed out that he was “introverted, troubled young man.” Hawkins was a year ago, abandoned the family, followed by lodging at a friend’s home. The family of the owner?? Deborah? Maruca and her husband have been trying to help this young man. Maruca said in an interview, Hawkins as a “no one loved one, nowhere to go, troubled young man.”

Lieberman said Hawkins just gone through a legal window period, lost the legal protection and receive the appropriate psychological treatment. “Hawkins, and Columbine High School shootings with Cho killer difference is that he has committed a crime,” she said, “Because of this, the court should take note of him, and he received psychological treatment should be determined, or even was sentenced to juvenile detention centers. “But the reality is that, before the shooting, Hawkins was completely ignored.

Feb. 13, 2005 New York Shopping Center revolver

Obesity, so he chose isolation Addition to social isolation, were other people make fun of and ridiculed may also lead to mental diseases. Hudson Valley Mall causing Niuyue Ha shooting the gunman, Robert? Bonelli is because obesity, fear of being laughed at and living in isolation, resulting in significant psychological problems created.

When Robert Hudson Valley Mall in Niuyue Ha shot and wounded two others and psychological experts, is the sense of insecurity and the feeling of being isolated promote Bonelli do so. Lieberman pointed out that many of the gunmen had been partner make fun of or feel being excluded from the outside of the circle. It is precisely for this reason that led to Robert chose to shopping perpetrators. Local media reported that Robert armed with a loaded 60 rounds of ammunition of AK-47 rifle into the mall and start shooting at random, until the bullets so after it stopped down.

To commit crimes, Robert psychological completely out of control. Robert’s family revealed that they believe Robert intention to commit suicide, and seemed to hope that the police killed him. Robert’s uncle John? Bonelli said: “If the police were present, he was doomed.”

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