Tips For An Aspiring Stand Up Comedian: Be A Comic More Easily

Stand-up comedy is something not every person can get into. In fact, it is quite hard to make a name in the stand-up comedy industry. If you have this dream: how to become a comedian, there are some techniques you’ll have to learn and to follow to succeed as a stand up comedian. Remember, to be a comic requires a number of things e.g. joke making skills, patience, and so on.

Part of the list of being funny tips is for you to spend time coming up with your own joke pieces. By writing your own jokes, you’ll find it easier to perform in front of the audience. You just need to make it a habit to list things and ideas that you find funny, and which you think other people will also find funny. How to become a comedian also means testing your newly created jokes on other people to get their reaction. If majority gives thumbs ups, then, you can use those jokes in your next performance as a stand up comedian.

If you wish to be a comic, it is also recommended that you watch good comedians perform in comedy bars. Take note that you should not copy their tactics and jokes, but, just learn from them so you can improve your craft. Do not ever use another’s jokes on your show, as you’ll eventually be found out and that can damage your career.

Another technique of how to become a comedian is to rehearse your jokes, your lines, and your tactics. Aside from rehearsing in front of your friends, family, etc, it is also a must that you practice on your own while facing the mirror. By making it a habit to rehearse, you can significantly improve your stand up comedian skills. Watching yourself perform is really important, especially if you want to be a comic who’s popular.

Included in being funny tips is for you to speak loud enough into the microphone so everyone in the audience can hear you. If your audience can’t hear you well, then, how can you expect them to laugh at your jokes? An important part of how to become a comedian is to see to it that your audience hears you loud and clear. Avoid yelling though; just speak with a moderate voice that’s loud enough, but never the yelling kind of voice.

Remember that it takes a lot of work, rehearsing, and patience for you to really become a stand up comedian.

Karen Winton is a professional writer. For more tips on being a comic, see: Stand Up Comedian. To get a variety of jokes that are sure to keep people laughing, utilize: That’s Comedy! Joke Book.