Tips Before Getting Into Child Friendly Cottages

Whatever age your children are, there is always a point of concern for them when going out for a holiday. Sometimes it becomes a very difficult task to organize a holiday with your children. It is very obvious that when we go out for a holiday, the main motto is to enjoy to its fullest. Now, type of enjoyment for a child and that of an adult will obviously differ, isn’t it? While adults are busy gossiping and chatting with members of their age, children find it boring and uninteresting to join them. A holiday to a child means limitless playing. This is the way by which they tend to enjoy. So it is of primary importance to spend the holiday in absolute child friendly cottages that should be located in a family oriented, safe and charming location. child friendly cottages should possess some of the distinct features. These helps in keeping the children happy and acts as an area best suited for them to run around and play. The cottages should have beautiful wide lawns with coverings at the outside, making them private and exclusively for the cottage only. Presence of attentive security guards is must. The lawns should have some playing arrangements for children, like Slip, hammock, swinging chair, husking pedals etc. It would be great if the cottage have a little zoo consisting of birds, rabbits etc which will be of great interest to the children. If a little pool type aquarium with small colourful fishes and provision for feeding them (in presence of a watchman) is present, you will find children enjoying it. Now what happens, if it starts raining? It’s better to engage them in indoor activities than going out and catching cold. Indoor activities can include children table tennis board, video games parlour, a children library, kids playing room which may contain soft toys, blocks to build objects, puzzle solver etc. Now come to the living facility aspects. Before logging in to the cottage, check for the provision for hot as well as normal water. Presence of water filters is a must. Also check properly and ask the cottage management whether proper pest control is done on a regular basis. Check about the cleanliness of the cottage. It is a must to check the quality of the food they provide because proper healthy and hygienic food is what your child as well your family requires. Ask for the availability of doctor in the locality. Security is also an important issue that shouldn’t be overlooked. Check whether 24 hour security is present or not. It is now a legal requirement for landlords to ensure that they are made secure if they are advertising their holiday home as a child friendly property, so you would be well within your rights to ask before making a booking and surprisingly a number of holiday apartments or cottages now provide these, if requested.