The Luxurious Celebrity Lifestyle

Living the dream has always been a part of the lifestyle promises in the United States. As far as to what exactly that dream is varies from person to person. Some emigrating from other countries choose freedom, others simply want a prosperous but comfortable life. Yet others, perhaps mostly the majority, dream of laps of luxury. This includes sports cars, dream mansions, and the most popular growing trend: aircraft ownership.

With dozens of songs discussing different aircraft types and how the ownership of one shows platinum status, makes one consider it of something of grand transportation. Many well known celebrities such as Pair Hilton, Madonna and Tom Cruise to name a few, own an aircraft. John Travolta, the famous celebrity who has an official pilot license. In addition Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of Iron Maiden is also an official pilot and flies a Boeing 757s. Would it not be great to be one of these lucky few individuals and be able to own a private jet and be whisked away to whatever destination dreamt of?

Many would agree but as most celebrities will share owning such a craft does come with some drawbacks, much like that of owning a vehicleon a much grander scale of course. To being, one needs to decide where to purchase the aircraft parts supplies, and locate a trusted mechanic. In addition with rising gas prices, finding the funds to fuel such a method of transportation can be costly.

But this article is not set to discuss the downsides of owning a plan. In fact, it is meant to promote it. As stated earlier, when officially owning a private jetregardless if the owner has his or her pilots license is truly of stamp of approval from a much higher and elite class. As many would say, one would then become part of The sky high club in a sense. One would be considered the envy of the neighborhood. It would definitely be something that would be discussed by family and peers.

With the ability to fly to any destination there would no longer be the need to wait in extremely long lines, get uncomfortably patted down by security, and most importantly avoid the risk of lost luggage. In addition to this, by owning a private jet no need to worry about the uncomfortable seating, or being the unfortunate soul stuck next to an individual who may not be the best person to fly with. Overall, owning an aircraft is new status symbol. Years ago it was clothes, and then graduated to high-end sports cars, to now the ownership of a private plan.

Author Kimberly Green dreams of the day when aircraft parts supplies are part of her shopping list.