Talking with the Spirit World

I always encourage people to communicate with their Spirit Guide and/or Guardian Angel.  Even if you spend only a couple of minutes a day doing so, you will notice changes in your life. I understand it may feel uncomfortable to speak with a being you cannot see or hear.  However, many of us talk to God in our prayers, and never feel uncomfortable about that. 

Your Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel are God’s messengers and comforters to you.  Their role is to watch over you and protect you, but you have to initiate the contact.

We are beings of choice, and because of this, the choice to connect with the Spirit world is up to us.  Angels and Spirit Guides are not permitted to interfere with or control our choices.  Consequently, we must take the initiative and reach out to them.  Once we do though, fortuitous results will manifest in our lives.  Answers to questions and needs will appear.  Sometimes those answers can be subtle, so one has to stay alert.  Often, too, such answers may come in the form of an intuitive hunch or feeling. 

And sometimes miraculous things seem to happen, which we like to chalk up to coincidence or luck, or some other foolish notion.  But this is a perfectly organized universe, where coincidence and luck have no place.  The more often we habitually talk to our Guardian Angel and/or Spirit Guide, the more we will realize the wonderful benefits of connecting with them.  Most of us cannot even imagine the mind-blowing benefits possible.

Our eyes and ears are incapable of seeing and actually hearing communications from the Spirit world.  But they are always communicating with  us.  Our whole planet teems with these higher beings who are speaking all the time.  It’s just that the energy level of our physical, three-dimensional world is very heavy and very sluggish compared to the much higher energies of the non-physical, spiritual realms. 

But do not lose heart because you can’t hear or see them.  They hear and see you.  Telepathy is the true universal language.  You are heard, especially when what you say is intensified by sincerity and strong feelings.

I think it amusing that scientists are seriously busy attempting to locate other forms of intelligent life out in the universe, as if we are the only intelligent life around.  Poor, lonely us!  The truth is that there is so much of it right where we are.  The whole universe is overflowing with life, very intelligent and very spiritual life, all of whom have their own duties and responsibilities in the grand order of things.

You may ask: What should I say to my Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide?  One good question you might want to pose is to ask its name.  An answer will come, but be patient.  More than likely it will not happen immediately.  And keep asking.  Ask, too, to see your angel or guide.  They can lower their energy level in order to make contact with us and reveal themselves.  That happens more frequently than we realize.

Another thing you might want to convey to your angel or guide is simply what’s on your mind at the moment.  What is it that is bothering you?  At any given moment, we almost always have something going on that is worrying or perplexing us in some fashion.  Discuss such things with your angel or guide.  No one else is listening, and no one else is going to know, except your angel or guide.  You can be as intimate as you want. 

Our angels and guides are non-judgmental.  They do not judge us near as hard as we too frequently judge ourselves and each other.  Therefore, don’t worry that they will think badly of you.

Actually, they hold us humans in high regard simply because we have chosen to incarnate and live on this heavier, more sluggish physical plane.  Our lives are really difficult compared to life on the non-physical plane.  Be aware that first and foremost, we are spiritual beings, too, who have chosen to experience a physical existence for a brief time.  So our angels and guides harbor a lot of love and respect for us because of our courage.

Once again, I encourage you to open the channels of communication with your Guardian Angel and/or Spirit Guide.  It does not matter which one you choose to communicate with.  They’re both listening.  And they’re waiting for you to turn to them.

Sandra L. Lerner is the author of Connecting with Your Guardian Angel. See She also has written several articles on various topics that have been published on the web.