Talking Bathroom Scales: Precision You Can Hear

People who are weight conscious often have scales tucked underneath a drawer in their bathroom. They keep these scales to determine if they gained weight by chowing down on those cheeseburgers, or if they shed a few pounds by going on that extra grueling hour on the treadmill. There are various types of scales available in the market, but the most popular one as of the moment are talking bathroom scales,a beneficial product of this highly technological century.

Talking bathroom scales can talk. Yes they speak to you. They can tell you exactly how heavy you have become or how scrawny you’ve become. Talking bathroom scales are also digital, which means that their measurements are extremely accurate. A digital wight scale can be precise enough to measure 1/10th of a pound, so if you had that extra French fry for lunch; these scales can tell you exactly how extra heavy you are. In other words, it can measure a staggering difference of just 2 ounces on your weight. To check if your bathroom scale is not functioning correctly, weigh something at your initial purchase. Weigh a sack of rice or a small bag of rocks on your bathroom scales. If it weighed 30 pounds at your initial weigh in, but weighed 23 on your second weigh, then you might as well consider buying a new scale. Do not be stingy with a new scale. A pile of rocks do not lose weight , so stop denying that your scale works okay.

Talking bathroom scales are perfect for those who find it difficult to bend over to check their own weight. This is particularly useful for those who are overweight, as those extra stomach flabs make them unable to bend over and check the measurement scale. For the truly weight conscious, you can turn off or lower the audible sound if you do not want anyone else to hear. You may want talking bathroom scales to tell you your weight, but not so loud as to let your whole neighborhood hear it. If you’ve had enough of talking bathroom scales telling you your weight, theres a switch you can press to turn the audible feature off.

Some talking bathroom scales have Body Fat Measurement capabilities, in other words, these intellectual scales can measure the amount of fat you have in your body. This is a perfect feature if you are trying to lose weight to fit into that XS dress you’ve been dying to get into. Talking bathroom scales utilizea large digital LED display so it is very easy to read. Different types of talking bathroom scales use different types of batteries. It is very practical to purchase one that has the cheapest batteries available in the market. Some use AA, while others are 9 volt or Lithium. Lithium is known to last longer but is also known to be a more expensive.

Talking bathroom scales are for people who like modern conveniences. For modern weight watchers, gym enthusiasts, or even gadget lovers, these scales are perfect.

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