Talk about World Golf Hall of Fame

The first time, golf’s greatest organization decided to honor the great golf players and contributors. They formed a non-profit nature of organizations – World Golf Foundation, and the created the World Golf Hall of Fame, which is carrying the golf history, values, meaning and contribution, highlighting Golf Tomorrow the sacred temple. In this article, I would like to talk something about World Golf Hall of Fame. If you want to know much more information or jokes, you may read this funny article – Sports Superstars with Golf Game.

In 1974, the U.S. PGA created a “World Golf Hall of Fame” in North Carolina; it was a total of 13 members of the group. The organization selected outstanding player achievements, as well as other outstanding contributions to the high altar of the people, the highest honor for them to load. Ten years later, Deane Beman, and Tim Finchem have set up the PGA Hall of Fame.

With the Tour in Florida Ponte Vedra Beach – Tournament Players Club – which established headquarters, Berman and Fen Chi form suitable place to start the search. In 20th century early ’90s, William Dunavant and Cummer Land Trust have donated 400 acres of land, as the Hall of Fame building area. This land is located between Jacksonville and St. Augustine, near the Intercontinental Highway 95, traffic is very convenient. Since then, Tour Hall of Fame Museum buildings and other facilities at the construction stage. If you want to know much more information or jokes, you may read this funny article in my blog – Golf with My Life.

In 1993, the project received financial support for long-term stability – Tour headquarters and is located in Daytona Beach of the LPGA’s accession to a large extent the economic pressure to reduce the building. Soon, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St. Andrews, Augusta National Golf Club, United States Golf Association, National Golf Foundation, also involved, and further expand the reputation of the upcoming Hall of Fame. Three years later, the United States PGA Hall of Fame decided to close World Golf Hall of Fame, and owned by the organization millions of dollars worth of man-made artifacts and memorabilia and other property be donated to the new Hall of Fame – unique in the history of high altar project eventually started in 26 the organizers for their collaboration.

World Golf Hall of Fame had two years of construction and improvement, and then finally opened. The organization has gradually developed into a hundred members, has received more than one million visitors in the temple, and remains committed to the dissemination of golf honesty and integrity of the sport, highlighting the great achievements of prominent players. This article is from Also, we recommend some good Complete Sets to you, for example, TaylorMade R9 Ultimate set.


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