Stacey Solomon, Justin Bieber & Lady Gaga and more gossip

Just spotted: Stacey Solomon at Heathrow…

A couple of the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here contestants touched down at Heathrow Airport this morning.

I’m A Celeb winner Stacey Solomon posed for pictures with her family and a few minutes later we also spotted Lembit Opik (doesn’t he look like a banana? He does, doesn’t he?) and his girlfriend Merily McGivern arriving back in Blighty.

Justin Bieber in London…

After yesterdays top-secret book signing at a top-secret location, which was followed by a top-secret visit to Great Ormond Street hospital, Justin Bieber stepped out in London a short while ago.

Now we’d love to tell you exactly where the Biebster was when we spotted him and we’d also love to tell you where he’s going but we’re afraid it’s top-secret classified information and we’ve been sworn to secrecy.

Either that or we don’t know, you decide.

SHE’S ALIVE!!! Lady GaGa is alive!!!

Is anybody else a teeny-weeny bit disappointed that a pharmaceutical billionaire has donated a whopping $ 500,000 to the Keep A Child Alive campaign and as a result the celebrities that sacrificed their digital life are now alive again?

Of course it’s fantastic that the charity gets to benefit from his generosity, but we were secretly enjoying Lady GaGa’s virtual death and if the donations had continued to trickle in as slowly as they did during first few days GaGa could have been dead till Christmas!

Oh well, looking on the bright side $ 1,000,376 has now been raised for a worthy cause and we just hope the celebs have realised they were lucky this time and they should most definitely not repeat this stunt again as it really nearly failed miserably.

Chelsea Handler launches a scathing attack on Angelina Jolie – Wow, she’s brave!

During a recent stand-up gig Chelsea Handler well and truly went to town on Angelina Jolie branding her a ‘bitch’, a ‘home-wrecker’ and our personal favourite, a ‘c***.’

She said, “All the guys here are like, oh she’s so hot! Yes she’s hot, that’s why she stole someone’s husband, because she’s hot and she has crazy sex and then she cuts herself or whatever she does” – Really? Are we not over this husband stealing malarkey yet? It has been seven years.

But wait there’s more; Chelsea was just warming up with that other stuff as she then went of to say:

“Let me tell you something, when a woman says, ‘I’m a guys girl, I’m a guys girl, I don’t have a lot of girlfriends,’ that’s because you’re a c***” – Wow, where did all this venom suddenly come from?

Did we mention that Chelsea has just returned from a Thanksgiving break in Mexico with her new BFF Jennifer Aniston? Fancy that.

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