Some Tips To Meet and Talk to Russian Women

You can look at many Russian or Ukrainian models on the catwalks because they are beautiful easily to understand the popularity with the fashion industry. Nowadays, a lot of Russian women are heading overseas for work, so how do you date one with a different culture, a different set of rules? This article will share you some tips on how to meet and talk to Russian women.


So the challenge is, how do you meet Russian women?


You can meet your ideal partner on this dating site, but meeting a Russian Or Ukrainian woman might be as simple as heading out to a club in New York. With many Russian girls travelling overseas to further their career, that attractive blonde you have been looking at on the dance floor might just have a Russian accent. If you are usually the type of person that is completely lost for words when chatting to gorgeous women, here are a few tips to make you feel more comfortable..


Try Saying Hello

She might look like a goddess, but she is only human. It’s your own expectations of her that are preventing you from seeing her as a normal human being.. Start treating her like any other individual.


What do you say when you have not seen or spoken to a friend in a while? Something like… hi, how was your weekend or how have you been? So why not talk to her the same way. Why not experiment with… hi, how are you today, or good morning.


You still risk rejection, but that is part of dating.. But a casual introduction will come across as more genuine and relax you if you are nervous.. Besides, what do you want her (if she wasn’t interested) to say to her hot friends about you when they arrive; ‘he’s cute but not really my type’ or ‘should have heard the cheesy pickup line some weirdo tried out on me earlier’? One means you have been preselected for her friends (very powerful) and the other means you’re the weirdo in the corner to avoid.


Start With The Basics

Improvisation is the most important weapon in your pickup arsenal when talking to women. The method is easy. Take an item from your immediate surroundings (don’t be obvious about it) and build a flowing conversation around it.


The first time you try this you will probably fail. You will spend a lot more time thinking about what to talk about than actually saying it. The secret is to practice at it initially. Rather than adding it straight into your meet women arsenal, practice it in day to day life first.


Start with the basics, and that is getting comfortable with having a chat with people you just met. The next time you are at the mall, start with saying hi to the person behind the cash register (try not to feel creepy if it is a guy – you are just working on communication here). Next, move it up a little and then add ‘how are you’ to build your comfort level in talking to strangers.


Now why am I telling you to practice your communication skills on everyday people? It is because these women will not reject you. After all, they are just there as part of your normal every day life. And if you don’t fear rejection, you will not tense up leaving you to relax and practice your communication skills. Make sense?



Once you are comfortable with talking to people you just met, it is time to move to the next lesson.. And that is picking something from your immediate surroundings and forming a conversation with it.


At first, it will be an awkward question that you will ask; something like “have you had the salad, I was thinking of trying it out”. It will feel awkward because you are spending more time thinking about what to say regarding the salad and not being present in the conversation, so things might not come out right.


But this social stumbling will pass as you become relaxed with it. Practice at every chance you get so it becomes second nature. And who knows where even a practice conversation might lead. After all, women do like to talk if they are attracted to you.


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