Some News On Ken Paves Beauty

Ken Paves is well known Hollywood hair stylist. Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham are the famous clients of Ken Paves. He is not only a hair stylist but also runs salons in Los Angeles. He is also hosting a reality show with Jessica Simpson known as the Price of Beauty.

Since Ken Paves is famous and acknowledged by Fashion magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, therefore, his products are also recognized every where. This is the reason why Ken paves beauty products are the best selling and costly products in US. His products have superior quality and range from hair products to skin care products.

Hair Products

Ken Paves hair products include shampoo, serum, hair colors etc. All the products give good results with shinny and healthy, strong and beautiful hair. Ken Paves’ attempt to make hair healthy is very successful. Products related to hair care are made up of natural ingredients like aloe Vera, wheat, proteins and vitamins. These ingredients add volume, length and shine to the thin hair.

Ken Paves Shampoo

One of the best selling hair products by Ken paves is his Shampoo. The shampoo is so popular that no introduction is needed to describe it. Customers review about this product has made the product the best selling shampoo in the market. It guarantees the health and strength of hair with natural ingredients like proteins, herbal items and wheat starch. It maintains the color of hair and improves natural color of hair.

Hair Extensions

Other popular hair products are Ken Paves hair extensions. These hair extensions are synthetically made up of finest fibers.  These hair extensions are available in 21 inch length with four varieties of different texture.

Skin Care Products

Mineral makeup is the remarkable contribution of Ken Paves. His make up line includes lipstick, eye shadows, blushers and foundations. The ingredients are skin friendly and no harmful ingredient is added. These products improve the beauty and minimal application of products.

Hair Styling Products

Ken Paves also provides hair styling products like hair straightening irons, hair dryers and curling devices. These products are widely being used by top salons.


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