Slush Ice – There is good news about beverages!

The German beverage industry is undergoing high competition. Here, everything has to be like new, like trendy to catch up while customers keep asking for exotic flavours, low-fat products without any preservatives added.

Mostly, both healthy juices or alcoholic beverages solely serve as thirst quenchers – no matter which brand names or even crazy sounding labels they carry.

What, however, might be the pick of refreshment? A special ice-cream? Or some particular kind of beverage? Better than having either of the latter would be having both at the same time – at once!

That’s exactly what Slush Ice is all about! It’s a kind of ice-cream which is not fully frozen. That means that you can both spoon and drink it.

Slush Ice is, to put it easy, like snow. On the one hand the mixture is strictly kept sub-zero. On the other hand, it is continously stirred. Thus no ice crystals can be shaped. It is a special recipe which makes Slush Ice a prominent and extraordinary kind of refreshment!

Slush Ice comes with a broad range of flavours. There are lots of exquisite coffee tastes and lots of milkshake tastes, too. There are cocktail flavours with or without alcohol. All that contributes to the uniqueness of Slush Ice all across the board.

Consistently, Slush Ice is the beverage which fits for all ages. It can be the right refreshment to be served for each and every slogan, for each and every event, for each and every fairy. Even children will fall for the fruit-flavoured variations of Slush Ice. And there are many of them.

Slush Ice can be custom-tailored. Different layers can be blended within the same portion, different tastes can be consumed at the same time. Put some decoration on it like pieces of fruit or mint leaves and your business can even catch up with any beach bar in the Carribean Sea.

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