Should You Buy a Digital SLR Camera Or a Point and Shoot Camera?

Digital SLR cameras are becoming more and more popular each day. This is partly due to a decrease in prices. User friendly models are also hitting the market which makes it appealing for the average photographer to consider investing in one.

With their rise in popularity, one question becomes evident. Should You Buy A Digital SLR Camera Or A Point And Shoot Camera?

This article will focus on some of the differences between the two. The answer ultimately lies with your photography needs.

Digital SLR camera strengths:

Speed: SLR cameras are generally fast devices. What this means for you is fast start up times and less shutter lag.

Versatility: An advantage that SLR cameras hold over point and shoot cameras is their versatility. There is much more freedom for the photographer to adapt to his or her environment.

Controls: With SLR cameras, the photographer is given more control over his or her work. Manual controls are easily accessible as opposed to relying on just auto mode.

These are a few of the strengths associated with Digital SLR cameras. We will now divert our attention to point and shoot cameras.

Point and shoot camera strengths:

Price: While DSLR cameras are going down in price, they still can’t compare to the lower prices offered by point and shoot cameras.

Size: Point and shoot cameras come in all shapes and sizes. The more popular ones are generally compact and easy to carry around. SLR Cameras on the other hand are large and bulky.

Less control over images: This can be a good or bad thing depending on your needs. Generally speaking most stick to auto mode when using point and shoot cameras. The end result is still of good quality. If you prefer to tinker around with your settings then this can be viewed as a negative.

Portable: directly related to size, point and shoot cameras are  easy to carry around. There isn’t much that is required when taking pictures aside from the camera itself. DSLR on the other hand is not only quite bulky, but you also need to carry the lenses that you plan on using.

Whichever camera you decide to purchase depends on your needs as a photographer. If price is an issue consider looking into point and shoot. For more freedom with your shots look into Digital SLR cameras. If the image quality of your work is of importance then Digital SLR cameras are your solution. Be sure to look into both, and analyze the pros and cons based on your needs.

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