Productivity – Olympian Reveals Powerful Plan For Performance in the Workplace – Shoot Productivity

There is tremendous excitement in the air about teamwork. And here is why: good teamwork lowers stress, discontent, and absenteeism. But more important than that, teamwork is the best way to shoot productivity off the top of the chart. Teamwork creates excitement, loyalty, and joy. Imagine that in the workplace!

However, when you are starting out to create teamwork, it can seem like an uphill climb. With so much information out there, how can you be sure your efforts will pay off?

Is it OK with you if I save you months of false starts and frustrations?

Good! I have discovered three things every group wanting to become a team must know to insure they get off to an absolutely stellar start with their efforts.

First, there must be a clear direction or purpose. When I rowed in the Olympics my team knew exactly the end point. We all wanted to cross the finish line as fast as possible! End point visualization is a given these days, but clear communication of the goal is still absolutely essential. You can’t get too clear!

Next, each person must do his own job, be accountable for doing it, and do it well every time. There must be trust that the other members will do their jobs too. I know, that’s easy to say.

With all the concern about sensitivity in our part of the world today, there is an innocent trap that more and more people are falling into. This trap is filled with good intent. People often get off track by being too considerate! On the other side of consideration is an underlying judgment that the other person is unable to do his job.

Even though you may feel like you are helping another person, you are unconsciously disempowering the other person. At the same time, you will be doing your own job less well. Think about it. The “being considerate” strategy is really inefficient, complex, and not accountable. It doesn’t work. It engenders resentment and the feeling of inability. Production goes down.

What is needed most is the belief in individual ability. What if everyone was willing to consider leading by example? Leading by example is the most powerful stance to take. It is accountable, and empowering. Yes, at the beginning expect individuals to stumble through the learning curve of doing their jobs. Be patient and trust that they are able. The outcome is worth it!

Finally, stay in the present moment and focus on the workflow. Expect simplicity! Suddenly, your team will discover collaboration. It’s like the shackles fall off. The team will be shocked at the ease. It’s mind blowing to feel the possibility of operating at the speed of light. The members will start to revel in the energy and joy generated. What a change from the stressful and draining past. Productivity will shoot off the top of the chart.

I sure wish I had known these three absolutely crucial keys years ago. Because it would have helped me shape groups of people into collaborative teams. We would all have gotten ahead so much faster.

But now, you have the benefit of my hindsight! By implementing these three simple but powerful ideas, you will be able to create the kind of team you dreamed of right out of the gate. You will drive productivity through the roof in a way never experienced before.

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