Nothing left: Watch Hindi News to get more

India is a country of states that have left marks on the face of world whether directly or indirectly. We know Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh etc for varying nature of roles they play in the growth of India as a country. Let us talk about Uttar Pradesh. When it was time of struggle for freedom, they contributed via literature this state has to share with rest of the India. This helped to feel remain connected for the single major cause that united us against foreign force.Also, Uttar Pradesh news has kept us abreast to the crisis of riots and politics marred by the games played behind the scenes.


Uttar Pradesh is also known as home to many sports stars making sports news in Hindi whenever there was an opportunity available. Players have proved their mettle in various sports and that too in great sports events like Common Wealth and Olympics. They reappeared time and again in Hindi news headlines due to this. There are things different from sports that have also registered their presence but there would be a different time to talk about.



Uttar Pradesh News and its importance

Few days back, Ayodhya Verdict had drawn attention of whole India. Judgment was most awaited because of it rather serious consequence. Every minute update of utter Pradesh news swas aired and broadcasted. Situations are not always as dire and as serious as this. Yet, Uttar Pradesh attracts attention because of being politically and strategically important and it always will.



Sports: Why So Much of Noise

In wake of the things that demand attention and serious actions to be taken, why does sport always draw unnecessary crowd? We keep hearing sports news in Hindi and constant updates on various sports cluttering the Hindi news space. The show gets even more fanatic when it is Cricket. Has anybody ever thought that they should be part of something more serious and needy? If not, start thinking.



Time For More


We have heard the jingle “Yeh dil maange more” played for an ad some years ago. The jingle is still fresh in our memory because it describes the ultimate human character. In asking for “more”, are we doing that is required to do? “More” can be in any term where we choose to think about it. India news and states news like Uttar Pradesh news has called for attention for issues like illiteracy, poverty, female education etc other than overwhelming sports news in Hindi. Are we listening need of “more” we have to do?

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