Nikon D3S Shoots Incredible Low Light Images

The Nikon D3S was launched in October 2009. It stands on the shoulders of the D3, considered a giant in its field when launched back in August 2007. Three years is a long time in the digital camera market and the D3S is a welcome replacement to supersede the D3. It is targeted toward professionals, plainly evident in its hefty price tag.

The camera has a three inch, 921,000-dot video graphics array (VGA), liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor. This super-dense calibration delivers incredible color integrity. With this monitor it really is a case of what you see is what you get.

A RAW image shot by a Nikon digital is saved as a NEF file. In common with all RAW image file types, before a NEF file can be manipulated (emailed, saved on to a computer disk, posted to the web, and so on) it must first be opened in an imaging program, such as Adobe Camera RAW, and converted to a fine image format such as TIFF (tagged image file format) or JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group standard). The Adobe Camera RAW is a RAW conversion and editing software that can be purchased as part of the Adobe Photoshop CS3 product.

The batteries are lithium-ion. The battery-charger allows two batteries to be charged simultaneously. It shoots about 4,200 images on one battery charge.

The D3S also comes with three separate crop modes, namely, 1.2x and 5.4x and the DX. All three modes display in the viewfinder. They allow the user to decrease the image file size as well as achieve different creative effects. The DXmode allows the user to team the unit up with non-FX lenses.

In conclusion, the Nikon D3S is fitted with dual CF card slots and has overflow, backup plus copy options. Some of its smaller improvements include a soft-touch AF-On button and a new, dedicated live view button. It is a little (about 60 grams) lighter and more expensive than its successor, but a great performer. The D3S teams up will with the new 70-200mm VR II lens.

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