Most Powerful Celebrity Siblings

We have heard much of sibling pairs or trios of the entertainment world; however, it may be the first time the face-off among those celebrity sibling pairs and trios has adequately been in public. It’s so admirable that there are incredibly talented families offering the legendary stars for the world’s entertainment industry. Whether acting or music, stand-up comedy, or directing and writing, family members have gained lots of successes in the world of entertainment. Let’s take an overview of the most famous siblings taking the great power.


Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton

Paris, the elder sister is ever the Hollywood hottie, well-known for singing, casting career, even for her private life. In contrast, Nicky is less famous than her Paris, and she is highly appreciated by her fashion designing business


Jackson siblings

The dominant names of the world’s music industry come from the Jackson families, music band Jackson Five to the charming voice Janet Jackson, especially the king of Pop- Michael Jackson


Nick Lachey and Drew Lachey

This sibling pair both started their career as the members of the idol music band “98 Degrees”. Nick Lachey is dating with Vanessa Minnillo, the younger brother Drew crowned “Dancing With The Star” of the 2nd title season


Luke Wilson and Owen Wilson

The brothers hit the movie theaters with lots of blockbusters such as “Frat Pack”


Lindsay, Ali, Michael and Dakota Lohan

It’s thought that Lohan family had only Lindsay and Ali because the pair often appears together at events, in fact, there are 4 in total


Beyonce Knowles and Solange Knowles

Despite singing career, Beyonce– the elder sister is among the divas in the world, Solange is less successful


Jonas sibling trio

Nick is the youngest among 3 brothers and first started his career as a singer. Then, Joe and Kevin also started their singing career. Now, they have been taking an ads tour for “Camp Rock 2


Kardasshian trio

Kardasshian trio is seen the most famous siblings of Hollywood at present. They are typically successful for TV live shows, singing career, fashion and cosmetic business


Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears

With the song debut “Baby One More Time”, Britney has become the music idol of youths. The younger sister Jamie Lynn has also become well-known thanks to her elder sister’s fame


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