Modern Man – Pick Up Artists

Pick up artists know how to woo a woman or many women for that matter. The pick up artist knows how to get a woman interested in him.

The first thing you want to do to become a pick up artist is to become the most fun and adventurous person you know. Do things that will conjure up interesting stories that you can share with women. For instance, go on skiing trips, enjoy four wheeling, camping, sky diving, boating, jet skiing and more. Surely some exciting things are going to happen while you are out conquering the world. When you speak to women about your adventures, you will be making them think you are a person they want to hang around with. Most men take women out for dinner and a movie, the same old same old boring thing. You will be giving her something exhilarating to look forward to. The women will want to go on exciting and fun dates with you. You will be keeping her on her toes wondering what the two of you will be doing next. Of course, you need to mix it up and have quiet relaxing evenings at home, too.

Pick up artists know how to walk into a place and make their presence known. A pick up artist will not try to hide or slouch or put his hands in his pockets. A pick up artist will put his thumbs in his front pockets or keep his hands at his sides. Pick up artists will slowly evaluate the room they are in looking at each woman until she looks at him. He will make eye contact with each woman and give a confident smile and nod his head. He will know not to only pick out the most beautiful women in the room, after all that will knock down his choices immensely.

When a man is a full blown pick up artist he totally changes his attitude. When meeting a woman a man may be nervous, wondering how he looks, wishing he would have wore something better, mad at himself for not taking the time to iron his crumpled up shirt. All of these thoughts are whirling through his mind while trying to think of what to say to the woman. This attitude shows nervousness, neediness and no self confidence and a woman will see right through it. Now if he thinks that the woman wants to talk to him, likes how he looks and has the attitude what woman would not like to talk to him or better yet, sleep with him; he will have the exact mind of a pick up artist. Women will like how he comes across and want to get to know him better. She will wonder who this guy is and enjoy getting attention from him.

Become confident in yourself and adventurous and you will have women swooning to talk and be with you. You will be able to have the pick of the litter when choosing the woman or women you want to go out with. Life will be good for you.

Pick Up Artists
The Pick Up Artist