Methods Of Applying Hair Extensions – News

Hair extensions come in different styles and looks. The method of application may different depending upon the type of hair extension that you have purchased. If you are not aware of the better ways of applying hair extension easily and quickly, then here are some important tips for you to follow. Braided style of hair extensions are available in different forms of attachments that includes simple braids and cornrows to complicated twists and locks. They are blend so amazingly to suit your natural hair that the application of these extensions should be perfectly done to get the maximum appeal out of it. Take a look at the easiest method of how to apply them on your scalp firmly so that they remain in its place till the end of the day.

There are different application methods use for attaching hair extensions to your natural hair and scalp. Weaves is a common method used for attaching braided models. But the tiny braids tend to hold the extensions against the head and when wet increases the weight and tension on your head. When you wash your hair, the braids become unevenly heavy and can pull the attachment off your natural hair and scalp. It can sometimes loosen the weave or tug your own hair that may finally result in breaking of your natural hair. Due to this reason, many people fear of even washing their hair more often as it may be difficult to dry the braids from beneath. Another application method is bonding that comes with a latex plug that is used to glue to your natural hair. Bonding is a fast and inexpensive method mostly used. But, you need to use oil and heat for removing the extensions that is a time consuming and messy process. Improper removal may lead to pulling and damaging of hair.

Metal tubing applications are also used wherein the hair is attached over a metal tube. Since this a risky method of application, it is not recommended. Heat-Shrink Tubing is another application technique which is not that risky for the hair but with more washing can loosen the hair that can fall off. Amongst all these methods, the Adhesive-Based Fusion is the best one as they make use of a professional quality adhesive and can withstand chemical as well as heat treatments.

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