Marketers Should Kill Themselves

One of my coaching clients sent me a link to a video. I took the time to check it out because I knew they’d want my opinion on the content. It turns out that the video clip is of a comedian’s act on stage before a live audience. He was not a comedian I had ever seen before but because I enjoy comedy I was looking forward to hear what he had to say.

This clip apparently was part of a longer program and hopefully offered some different material from this fellow. In the portion I watched he attacked marketers viciously. He wanted all marketers to die. The crowd broke out into laughter and he’d respond with “No, I’m serious. I want all marketers to kill themselves.” Then his routine went on to poke fun at how a marketer in the audience would respond to his attack on them and their craft. Each time he did this the crowd burst into laughter.

At first I was appalled at his appeal to have all marketers kill themselves, not because I’m a marketer (okay maybe a little) but because it came across as hateful not humorous. Then I saw the act and the audience’s reaction to be an interesting study on people’s perceptions.

I’m hoping the comic was simply using the attack on marketers as a device to shock his audience into laughter. If he wasn’t and truly felt this way about marketers and marketing, then he would be an idiot. How would he have been able to be in front of a room full of people to do his act, without marketers and marketing? How would his video clip been made available without marketers and marketing? As for the audience their taking part in the bashing of marketers doesn’t make a great deal of sense either. Without marketers how would they have found out about the show? If it wasn”t for a marketer how would they have had the money to go to the comedy show?  Everyone of their jobs requires that someone market the products or services.

In the comedian’s and audience’s defense there are marketers and marketing techniques that qualify as evil. I may not wish death upon them but I would like to see their activities and efforts killed. Like anything, marketing can be used for good or evil. It is up to the marketer to decide.

Take a look at your own marketing practices and strategies. Which side of the coin would they fall – good or evil? How can you tell? Would you use your strategies and techniques on your family and friends? There is nothing wrong with using marketing strategies that attract people to your product, service, business or website if they end up receiving good value for their money.

What will I tell my client about the video? First, stop wasting time watching useless videos. Second focus on building a marketing strategy that he would be proud to put his name on.

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