Let’s Talk About Sleep Shall We?

Are you getting enough sleep these days? Most Americans are not, and do you know why; financial stress is the number one reason. If you do not get enough sleep your health will indeed suffer. Do you have a plan to guarantee that you are getting your fair share of sleep?

Sleep is a fascinating subject indeed, I will not get up, unless I have to after sleeping unless I’ve had 3-complex dreams, and I often go to sleep with unsolved problems or thoughts just to sleep on them, amazing how it just comes to you and you wake up, so I keep a pad of paper by the bed.

I’ve decided that I will not go to sleep unless I am tired, I don’t want to force it and if I am physically active or my brain is thinking, or I’m doing something, I certainly do not wish to force it. Why sleep if you are not tired? Makes no sense to me, other than some of these circadian rhythm theories, which I believe has a lot to do with conditioning. If I can work for 17-22 hours and then sleep, then my schedule rotates on a different cycle than the Earth-Sun-Moon Cycles. No big deal.

But some scientists and sleep specialists say it is a very big deal, and that our human bodies have evolved to sleep on the Earth-Sun-Moon cycles. Still one could argue that if we study many of the “ten-foot tall” men in human history we find a good number of them worked at night, which makes perfect sense because there is no one to disturb their work.

Now there is another huge concern with the Vitamin D issue, the body needs it and the Sun helps this, yet, perhaps is not such a serious issue because there are ways to get it elsewhere. But it would have been a serious issue prior to the 1850s, unless one lived in a certain region with a certain diet. What about Nordic Genes? If someone has “blonde hair and blue eyes,” sunlight is perhaps not as important to their system as others. Please consider all this.

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