Let Your Corporate Apparel Talk For You

Dressing smartly and appropriately is crucial to getting your dream job. How well you dress in your corporate apparel translates to how much care you do your task. Impress the company with your own work uniforms dress sense.

Every graduate thinks that education is all they need to find a good job, think again. While education is crucial to getting a job, not all graduates of any degree land the job that they truly want. Having a diploma, a degree or certificate, is not sufficient enough to get you a job. It is also important that you make a good first impression especially during the interview. This is the time when the company human resource will think whether you are worthy to go another step in the long process of gaining employment.

Not many people know that first impression is not when you start to speak or when you show the person doing the interview how knowledgeable you are or how competent you can be if given the chance. The first impression starts the moment you enter the building and the person doing the interview sees you. It will be in how you look in your corporate apparel, how confident you look, how you react with the people around you and the situation you are in. What few people know is that the time they are waiting outside for the interview also matters. Those who do the interview know that any person who wants to get the job will do everything to impress while on the interview. And the few minutes or hours before the interview is when you show the real you, the time when you are silently observed.

Dressing smartly and appropriately is very important in standing out in a job interview. While you are intellectually prepared for the interview, one must also be dressed for the part. And only few schools, colleges and universities, prepare their students for their entry in the corporate world. While some colleges and universities do that here in the US, some college students are not that lucky. Strathmore University in Kenya makes sure their students are ready to face the corporate world as soon as they get their diplomas. They have a very strict dress code and students are not allowed to wear jeans, tight trousers, sleeveless tops, sneakers and even the latest fashion fads for students. Some students may not agree with this, they may find it very restraining but when they step into the corporate world they would then realize how fortunate they have been.

In the corporate world, professional image is everything and if these students failed to get proper work uniforms sense from the school the task would then fall on the company. Unfortunately for some, not dressing smartly from the onset could create a huge difference in getting the job. Companies know that sloppy and poor dress sense could mean or translate to poor and sloppy workmanship. The fastidiousness that you give to the way you wear your corporate uniforms would also mean the same care you give to how you work.

Lola is a product consultant for a work uniforms store.