Learning About How to Lose Weight Forever – Part 1

Many women, overwhelmed by media portrayal of celebs as stick thin beauties, feel that they are fat and ugly. This is not true, and the media are responsible for a loss of needless misery, but many of us really are heavier than we need to be. So what is the answer? Well, we diet. We scour the Internet, magazines and newspapers for that special diet which will set us free from our fat forever. And what do we find?

There are diets based on every type of food, every way of preparing food, insisting on no carbs, no sugars, no bread, no pasta, even, in some cases, no vegetables, no – NO NO NO! These diets, as we all know, are not the way to do it.

But we keep on trying. And, for a while, weight drops off us. Our bodies resign themselves to another period of famine, and use up some of their reserves. Then, convinced that a real emergency is happening, our bodies begin to store fat to protect themselves. So, you are eating practically nothing, feeling miserable (if virtuous) and your body, which should be your friend, is doing everything it can to stop you from dying of starvation.

Yo-yo dieting is the curse of modern women’s lives. This week I am eating only leaves and drinking water, next week, exhausted and downhearted, I’ll eat several cakes and a bar of chocolate and it was all for nothing again. How many times has this happened to you, to me?

But there is an end to this. What makes us fat, what really makes us fat? It is not the eating of specific foods – not the demonised carbohydrates, which we need to survive, not the sugars which give us energy. Bread is not on a direct route to hell and a biscuit will not lead directly to the end of the world as we know it.

We are overweight because we eat too much. That is the simple truth. And there are many reasons we eat too much. We have physical needs for food, emotional needs for food, food is a social thing – the office lunch is a necessary part of life. Dinner parties are great social occasions. And is seems to be part of the ritual to eat too much at such events.

Yet you must have at least one friend who indulges in all the above social activities and who remains slim. Watch her. Observe her actual intake. In most cases she will be eating all that you are eating, but not all OF it. We are no longer children, driven by the desire to please our mother and ‘eat it all up like a good girl’. We can leave food on our plate, enjoy some of what is there, love the flavours, the look, the smell of the food, but still STOP EATING when we have had enough.

This can all be changed. There are ways to be helped and to help yourself. In further articles I will begin to attack this problem area, and share with you what helped me to begin to like my reflection in the mirror (at last).

I am Dianna Moylan, in my mid-sixties, an ex-teacher who has been involved for many years in local amateur dramatics. I have directed, designed and made costumes, taught the songs and performed in many musicals and plays. My interest in the Internet has become a driving force in my life and, having lost a lot of weight at last, I am just beginning a new career selling health and personal development materials. My new site http://www.youcanbeslim.diannamoylan.com is where you will find me from now on. (That won’t stop me from making dolls’ houses – that is a lifetime joy).