Landing Performance Gigs as a Comedian

Landing gigs is of prime importance to a comedian. Without working gigs, there is no job and no chance of getting known. There are several ways to get gigs. It’s a good idea to get an agent who will help you to get bookings (gigs). What you need to do is have one or more videos of yourself doing your routines. Whether these are taken live – while you are doing a real gig – or whether you have them done on a false stage, will depend on you.


If you’ve never done a gig, then you’ll have to fake it till you make it. That is, set up a false stage somewhere and go through your routine with someone there to do the videotaping. Anyone with a digital camera can record a small segment of your routine, then you can burn it to CD and there you have it! Make plenty of copies and send them out to various comedy clubs.


Also make posters, brochures and flyers about yourself and your act and send them to everyone you can think of who might need someone to entertain them. Put them up on billboards, community notice boards or shop windows.


Look through the paper until you see something is on that you could perform at. Colleges are often ripe playing fields for comedians. There they have the money and the need for entertainment and there are heaps of them to choose from, so sending out your ads is sure to bring in some gigs, especially if you are prepared to travel. If you are just starting out, try for an open mic night somewhere.


You could start at any small gathering such as your local pub, youth night, or high school presentation. If you are confident of your abilities and not nervous, you could opt for a bigger gig. Send that video out to a cruise ship to see if you can get a gig with them for a night or a few weeks. The Manager of Entertainment is the person you should contact. Basically, if they like your routine, they’ll hire you for a gig or three.


Another way to get a gig is to simply advertise in the newspaper. An inch column is not too expensive and you may be surprised at the offers you get. Be sure to have a CD ready to send out in reply to those queries. A CD will give the person who is looking for an entertainer an idea of what you are like much better than any advertising brochure would do. You need not give away all of your act, of course, but do enough so that they can have a fair idea what you are like. Then make sure they know how long your act goes for.

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