Jaguar Land Rover in talks for China venture

As per the industry sources, Tata Motors subsidiary, Jaguar Land Rover is in discussion with an automaker of China for starting a sales and manufacturing joint venture there. The chief executive of Tata Motors, Carl-Peter Forster said that Jaguar Land Rover wishes to get a Chinese partner as early as possible for manufacturing and marketing of vehicles. He also stated that the company is going through a good phase of discussions with a Chinese auto maker but he denied to disclose the name of that potential Chinese partner. This joint venture is being expected to provide a boost to the brands of Jaguar Land Rover in China. Presently, the Chinese auto market is the biggest auto market of the world as last year, it had displaced US. Recently, Tata Motors-owned Jaguar Land Rover has launched a new range of armoured vehicles for its Range Rover and Discovery sports utility vehicles. These will be available with an indicative prices of Rs 4.75 crore and Rs 3.75 crore respectively. The company is also considering the plan of launching the armoured form for its Jaguar XJ sedan product. This armoured version is speculated to be available with the price of Rs 5.5 crore. Rohit Suri, Tata Motors Head, Premier Car Division, commented that the armoured vehicles’ market is a very focused segment and the company does not want to stay behind in that. He further commented that the company is launching the products in India because it observes a complete range of offering here. Globally, the armoured vehicles’ market is being expected to provide around 15,000 units yearly but it is at a developing stage in India. He further added that they have just started analyzing and exploring the market and they are now able to understand that the market is capable but then also it will be very quick to say that how many armoured products the company intends to sell in the auto market of India. Mr. Rohit Suri also stated that looking at the various levels of customisation, the price of the upcoming products may vary but on the other hand, the Discovery (SUV) sports utility vehicles and Range Rover will be available with the indicative price of Rs 4.75 crore and Rs 3.75 crore respectively.

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