Italian Language Learning – Know Your Learning Style & Shoot Through Languages Like a Breeze

Perhaps you are taking part in a Italian language learning course or some other language such as Spanish or French. Whatever you are learning there is an ancient proverb that every learner should take to heart and it says: “What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.” Incredibly an average learner remembers only 20% of what is read, 30% of what is heard, 40% of what is seen, 50% of what is said, and 60% of what we do.

It seems using your senses on their own merit is not enough and if you were to combined a learning style that involved all your senses including the physical – its interesting to note you can remember at least 90 %. Smart, huh!

Learning in a particular way that suites your personal learning method can make you into a champion on accomplishing your learning goals.

Formal education main method of learning is the routine of rote. Can you cast back to when you where in school, sitting down for hours on end, listen to and copying down what teacher dictated to us?

Do you believe your time was well spent? Digesting any new information? Did you feel you were learning at your full potential?

A few readers will say yes, and I can bet you a donut, the greater majority will say no.

Learning by rote or repetition is not powerful enough, but combine repetition with your natural way of learning through your senses than you power to learn can be very powerful.

I am asking these questions to make a point. Because as you are learning new material or familiarizing with an old subject, is not easy if done by rote, which is surely at best boring, if not monotonous.

Do you not think you learn better when you are more involved and that learning should be more fun too?

Just think about it for a moment, have you ever noticed when you develop new skills in ways that combine all your senses, learning that new skill was almost a breeze.

Could allow yourself to use your natural resources of pooling all your senses and enhance your capacity to learn at rapid rates and remember and recall by at least 90%? If you can allow yourself to answer ‘yes’ to this question then, you are on the path to becoming a very effective learner!

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