Increase Productivity and Profitability by Simply Eliminating Gossip

Gossip is a drain on productivity and the bottom line. Standing around the water cooler to sending emails is a waste of time and more importantly contributes to a negative workplace environment when the discussions focus on others.

Of course to eliminate this negative behavior begins by returning to the Values Statement within the strategic action plan. Sales Coaching Tip: If you do not have a value statement or a strategic action plan, then you are engaged in Captain Wing It and so is everyone else in your organization.

The discussion of these values should begin within the hiring process. By letting incoming new employees understand that these are the non-negotiable behaviors expected within an organization sets a firm foundation for future positive behaviors. Inform employees violation of this value is subject for dismissal.

Unfortunately what happens in some organizations is that employees do learn the values, but the executive teams do not model those desired behaviors. Additionally, policies and procedures may be counterproductive to these core positive values. These gaps must be addressed to create a culture of high productivity.

Gossip needs to be totally eliminated for these reasons:

Negative energy affecting the entire culture of the organization
Waste of time estimated to be 65 hours per year per employee
Lost productivity of almost 1.5 weeks per year per employee
Drain to the bottom line – $ 46,875 annually for a business with 50 employees at an average of $ 30,000 salary
Is it wrong

Some companies choose to ignore this negative behavior and attempt to work around it. This decision is quite illogical given that they probably would not ignore excessive absenteeism.

People gossip because they believe than can do it. To stop gossiping may need to begin with individual beliefs about gossip. Does an employee believe it is Okay? Until the beliefs are identified, they (the beliefs) will continue to drive the actions (behaviors) creating the results. In this case, wasted time and loss profits.

If you wish to improve your bottom line, then take this proactive action to eliminate gossip. Your organization will improve not only productivity, but create a positive work environment.

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