Huang Guangyu Case Should Not Block The National Household Appliance Industry Development

Recently, with the States United States Group Chairman of the Board Huang Guangyu Arrested by police investigating economic crimes, related news and gossip to become one of the most popular topic. No doubt, as many times at Hurun list of richest man, “Wong Kwong Yu” in the name itself is the biggest news.

However, Huang Guangyu merits our attention also should be objective and dispassionate treatment of GOME this national enterprises, should not break peoples Huang Guangyu events

Home Appliances Continued healthy development of the industry’s wings.

We believe that Huang Guangyu suspected of crimes should be dealt with and investigated, but it is to “Huang Guangyu suspected criminal” and “destroying the future of the country the United States” completely equate, is worth careful. Before in the absence of conclusive evidence, obviously should not make such judgments. Gome Huang Guangyu Although the head, but not equal to the legal representative of the country suspected of crimes involving the U.S. as a whole home appliance industry giant’s collapse, the management team can continue to work hard, the country can continue to operate and the United States can continue to have a future.

We all know, China is the largest U.S. home appliance sales platform in China and Hong Kong and Macao has more than 300 cities in more than 1,300 stores, its retail platform in nearly 500 companies. According to statistics, home appliance industry in 2007 about 950 billion yuan of industrial output value, the proportion of national GDP, about 3.8%. The States United States and annual sales capacity of more than 1000 billion yuan, its contribution to national GDP is about 0.38%.

The same time, according to Household Appliance 2008 third quarterly statistics, the country home appliances sold in the U.S. platform, corporate banking loans more than 30 billion yuan, together with upstream suppliers to the bank line of credit, industry total loan amount of more than 40 billion element. The joint-stock commercial bank in China in late 2007 was 86.04 billion yuan non-performing loans, non-performing loans ratio of 2.15%. If the State funds the U.S. chain problems will quickly spread to the household electrical appliance enterprises and related enterprises, banks non-performing loans rate to rise by 1 percentage point, China’s entire financial system, much higher risk. Any slight instability of the financial system could lead to negative social “butterfly effect”, the whole community will be seriously affected consumer confidence.

In addition, according to statistics, China the United States the direct creation of nearly 30 million people in employment, together with ancillary services such as logistics, home appliance installation, appliance repair and indirect employment in total nearly 50 million, while employment in manufacturing household appliances over 100 million people, more than 1.5 million indirect employment creation, that the country supporting U.S. manufacturers and operators and the total working population of 300 million or more. According to the National Human Resources and Social Security statistics, the year 2008, the mainland will reach 9.3 million unemployed people around, the unemployment rate of about 4.5%. If the States United States instability, not only lead to a U.S. employment difficulties within the staff, will also affect the employment of the entire appliance industry could lead to the employment problems of 300 million people, the unemployment rate increased by 1.5%.

Shows Gome The company’s stable or not, has not the States United States the internal affairs of individual companies, its rise and fall with the appliance manufacturers, commercial enterprises, banks, consumers, and many other social dimensions together.

The future of the country the United States, related to the interests of suppliers on the 100 million yuan, 30 million workers in the employment and tax issues 2 billion per year. More important is that the U.S. has become the country “China” the key to the supply chain. It “very important” status that, if the country the United States fell in the entire supply chain, will be no winners.

At the same time, we see that after the incident in the Huang Guangyu, in order to ensure normal business operations, Gome in time to announce the launch of emergency measures, the company management through internal audit of the company’s assets and funds have not been personally use or occupation. Moreover, the countries the United States is also active in celebration of 22 anniversary of the procurement, purchasing 30.6 billion to the manufacturer’s product, obviously, this is a stable US-China home appliances manufacturers move. In response, suppliers have also expressed strong support for the country the United States. When entrepreneurs face personal crisis, the firm’s sensible to establish as soon as the firewall, to prevent the spread of entrepreneurs to the business of personal crisis.

Huang Guangyu

the face of the events, we should clearly distinguish Huang Guangyu and the National US-company boundaries. Although the country is inevitable the U.S. company will be affected Huang Guangyu of events, no matter from which point of view, it should not sacrificed. Moreover, from the development point of view, the continued development of the country the United States is entirely possible. U.S. States United States States is not only employees, but belongs to the Chinese national household appliances.

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