How to Talk Dirty to My Boyfriend?

Without going into your reasons and motivation for talking dirty to your boyfriend (because there is another article in that subject alone!) you are faced with a second choice to make following your first of deciding to actually talk dirty to him.

How do you get started?

More specifically, how do you get started in such a way that you don’t surprise him so much he jumps out of bed thinking you are someone else, trip over the discarded clothes left strewn around the floor in your build up of lust and end up breaking his leg?

Well, there are a couple of things that you can do to ‘ease’ him into this new found pleasure.

Let’s take a clinical view of your relationship for a second shall we?

Is your boy friend or relationship the type where you tend to talk about most things in an open and free manner?

If it is, you have the option to actually ask him outright if he fancies you talking dirty and vice versa. Now I don’t mean you should include it as just any other old subject like who’s parents you are visiting this weekend and what shopping needs picking up from the store later – take a break, take a walk or have a 5 minute cuddle on the sofa and gently broach the subject, something along the lines of “Baby, I was just thinking the other day, remembering some of the great sessions we’ve had together in bed and out of it. The nicest thing was, as I was thinking about it all, I found I was getting quite aroused again – and that led me to think about trying talking dirty sometime. Would you like that, would you enjoy it do you think?”

Excellent way of broaching the subject and getting his feedback. Your explaining to him that just thinking about you and him together does it for you and you’d like to introduce another level of pleasure, verbal stimulation!

If you’re both talkers and communicate – he’ll answer you, don’t worry!

But what if you aren’t great talkers or you feel to shy to actually ask him first? How do you deal with introducing it now?

Here’s what you do.

Break him in gently.

If you launch into your first session as soon as his hand touches you, reeling off the 15 most famous Porn film lines of all time – he’ll pass out probably.

Be subtle, move into it slowly and gently.

Introduce it during some mutual foreplay or build up play.

Tell him how what he is doing to you makes you feel. Slip in a sentence here and there that is descriptive and emotional:-

“I love it when you touch me there like that, it makes me feel all tingly everywhere”

“Your touch is so gentle and soft, it really does turn me on.”

If your boyfriend doesn’t shy away or look at you as though you have suddenly developed two heads (don’t worry, he won’t!) then carry on talking softly, almost whispering.

And this is important – don’t talk normally, don’t shout. Whisper, murmur or even mumble. By lowering your voice and whispering, you create a sensed air of privacy, intimacy and closeness between just the two of you – and that will help your boy friend join in, enjoy and ultimately want to participate in talking dirty!


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