How To Release Pressure From Work

Work is undeniably very stressful. You have to deal with office politics and gossip, deadlines, lazy colleagues, and demanding bosses for several hours every day. Thus, its not surprising to wish theres something you can do to get the stress off your back.

Youre lucky, though. There are definitely a lot of ways on how to accomplish that. Check out the following ideas:

1. Leave work at the office. As much as possible dont break your workload at home. Consider your house as your retreat, haven, or sanctuary. This is also excellent since you can definitely differentiate your personal from your professional life.

This also means dont waste your time doing nonsense things when youre at the office. This way, you can definitely get all the important tasks done for the day.

2. Take a deep breath. Yes, meditated for a few minutes. Allow the air to pass through your body when you inhale and exhale. This is how you clear your mind from the different stresses brought about by your work. While youre doing that, you can feed your subconscious with subliminal messages.

How do subliminal messages work? They can help change your manner of thinking. Subliminal messages are usually found in the deeper portions of your mind, such as your subconscious, so you dont get to filter them out. However, you can tap on your subliminal messages whenever needed.

Some of the subliminal messages you can use are the following:

I am looking forward to going home.
I leave my work stress at the office.
I surround myself with love and care.
I am eager to feel my body relaxed and calm at my home.

3. Drink a little. Go grab at least a glass of wine along with your friends or alone. Wine, when taken in moderation, has a very calming effect. You can feel the tension of your shoulders and back to start dissipating. Whats more, red wine contains resveratrol, which is considered an antioxidant that protects the heart from cardiovascular diseases.

4. Leave your work materials someplace else. You can leave your suitcases at the front of the door, in the basket, and never touch them unless youre about to go to the office. You can turn your mobile phone off, so nobody can bother you from the office.

5. Exercise. You can do a few rounds at the jogging path or take a walk a few blocks. Do something that will make you sweat and get you rid of the toxins and stress from work.

6. Develop a ritual. You can also create a ritual where you can distinguish where the time from work ends and time at home begins. This may include fetching your kids or preparing dinner or lounging at your favorite chair.

7. Dont have a home office. Unless you are working at home, you dont need to have a home office, which may only tempt you to extend your working hours at your own house. Besides, it can eat up whatever limited space you have.

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