How to Find the Right Tattoo Artist

Are you looking for a perfect tattooist?

Finding the right tattooist to do your tattoo is a very important part to a successful piece of body artwork. Remember, our body is irreplaceable so we all deserve to have a good artist to do a once in a lifetime job. Here are some tips to consider in selecting your Mr. Right.

1. Read Tattoo Books and Magazines

There are hundreds of tattoo publications that are available in the bookstores and even in libraries. Go through all of these materials, be educated and be exposed to a wide variety of work from artists all over the world. Get as many designs as possible in order for you to discover their individual significance. Then choose the best design that will ultimately inspire you. You can also scout for so many good tattooists from books and magazines.

2. Talk to people

Take time to talk to your friends or even relatives who have the same tattoo interests with you. Usually tattoo fans are very opinionated about designs, artists, and trends. Pay attention to them because their experiences, may it be successful or not, will helped you in so many ways. They can even recommend to you their tattoo artist.

3. Visit Local Tattoo Parlors

Take time to visit some of these parlors in your area. Look for their portfolios and go through their finished artworks. Usually first impression would really matters. Look around and observe how they do their works. If possible, talk to their past clients and get their feedback. If these tattoo parlors are available on line, read the comments of their clients.

4. Attend Tattoo conventions, expos and shows

Attending to body art conventions, expos and shows is one of the most effective ways of finding the right tattooist. It will not only give you the opportunity to see their actual work of art but it will give you the opportunity to meet some of the best tattooists in your area as well as artists all over the world. You may also get a chance to observe them in action.

5. Contact your chosen tattooist more often

Usually, good tattoo artists travel extensively and spend time tattooing as “guest artist” in almost all the reputable studios in your place and other areas. As much as possible communicate with them through emails or phone calls to establish good rapport. Establishing good rapport will help you explain to him freely and comfortably what you really want for your tattoo design. Aside from these, you will also know their schedules and itineraries so you may save a lot of time and travel expenses, and spend that money on getting the best quality tattoo ever.

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