How To Buy Real Glue Hair Extensions- News

Real or synthetic hair can be purchased from the a beauty store and this can be attached to the natural hair by gluing or sewing. Sometimes synthetic extensions can be slippery when compared to the real glue in hair extensions which is much easier to work with also. Exposure of synthetic hair to heat can sometimes melt them which can cause troubles because we need hair dryers to fix them

Instructions to follow are:

Step 1: Make a visit at the local hair or beauty store. A lot of such stores offer variety products intended for this purpose.

Step 2: Extensions connected at the top are called wefted hair extensions and to glue them we need it to come in the form of wefts.

Step 3: The hair extension chosen should match your hair color. When we go for approximate colors, then it can be well make out that you have added an extension.

Step 4: Before making the purchase decide on the length of the extension you need. If you do not have an exact idea then purchase the extension with a little extra length which can be later trimmed off when not required.

Step 5: The glue should match with the color of extension. Yellow, black and white are the three colors commonly available hence choose the light color if you are deciding to use a light colored extension and vice versa.

Attention should be paid that the glue should not get in touch with the hair. If it happens so then visit a beauty supply store and get a lotion to remove that and apply in onto your hair as per the instructions given. Coconut oil also works good in such cases. Shampooing of hair before the glue dries off is advisable because it becomes more difficult to get the glue off if in case it is dried. If you still have discomfort and feel like the hair is just puling out too much then pay a visit to a professional hair expert who can help you out with the situation.

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