How To Best Approach And Talk To A Woman?

For some guy, approaching and talking to women is considered as a tough task. It’s very hard since it can be intimidating. No one likes to make rejected. No one likes to feel they are just trying to talk and and be completely ignored. Look for what you need to do in order to help you approach and talk to more women.


First of all, you need to notice if the woman really wants to talk to anyone or not. You can tell by watching body language. If she looks busy, leave her alone. You don’t want to be obtrusive or make her feel uncomfortable while in public. Leave these women alone.


When you see a woman you want to talk to, you need to approach her quickly. If you wait, you are going to get nervous and talk yourself out of it. If you act quickly, your conversation will start without as much anxiety building up.


Don’t hit on her. Start a conversation and not some stupid pick up line that doesn’t really work. You don’t know if she is married or involved yet. You don’t know who she is. You need to start a conversation first. Start off by commenting about the situation you are both in or something in the room.


Ask questions that are very open ended. This keeps the conversation going and will give you more things to comment on or ask questions about. These types of questions are great for shy guys who don’t have as much to say.


Don’t have any expectations. If you think she is attractive, don’t read too much into this. Don’t start to think about dating her. Just enjoy who she is and the conversation. The expectations are what is causing you much of the anxiety.


The more you do this, the more comfortable you will become with the process. Just relax and be yourself and get comfortable with it.


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