How To Be A Flirt With Women – 3 Tips To Leave Her Pulsating When She Sees You

You’ve known guys before that just seemed like they instinctively knew how to be a flirt with women. Whatever they did and wherever they went, they seemed to have a positive effect on women. And you want to know how to become that kind of guy. You want to be the kind of man that women gossip about when they get together, all dreaming of being with you. Does it sound like it’s impossible?

Too good to be true?

Well, when you understand that women are after a certain kind of guy, you can make everything that much easier on yourself and become a ‘natural’ flirt with women. After all, a guy is not born straight out of the womb knowing how to flirt with women. It’s a skill that you have to develop and there are techniques that you must discover.

Here are 3 flirting tips that will leave a woman *pulsating* when she sees YOU:

1. Take her breath away by gazing deep into her eyes.When you look DEEP into a woman’s eyes, there’s an instant attraction and connection that can literally leave her breathless. Just be sure that you don’t go too deep and creep her out by staring at her. A gaze is a beautiful thing, while a stare is kind of scary to a woman. The eyes can easily help you to win her over right from the start.

2. Make her feel alive by making her laugh and smile.When you see a woman’s face light up, how does it make you feel? Probably pretty good. Well, how do you think she feels when her face lights up? Just as good as you feel to see her. So, make her laugh and smile when you are flirting with her, IF you want to have her fall in love with you. If you don’t make her laugh and smile, then you probably have not done enough to make her want you.

3. Touch her body when you get near her. Don’t be afraid to touch a woman as long as you have been flirting back and forth with you and she is giving you all the RIGHT signals. You want to get things moving, this isn’t junior high, so make sure that touch her body and make her feel passion when you do this. If you get it right, you just might be able to feel her whole body quiver.

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