Get Women to Talk About Your Business

Women are natural communicators. Put a bunch of us together and very few will sit out the conversation. We have opinions and we like to share them. This tendency to communicate among ourselves is probably based on our primitive instincts. It wasn’t so long ago in our evolution that we females were charged with sitting around the fire outside the cave, preparing food, raising little cave-kids, and maybe complaining about the quality of meat our cave-mates were bringing home. 
I’ve heard that women were the likely inventors of language. It was probably more useful to them in sharing chores and instructing children. The men could point at a distant buffalo, grunt and start running. Once killed, they would drag it home, grunt and leave it for the women to cook. Maybe not, but I like the image.
Cut to today, and we women are still inclined to talk a lot about the activities that make up our day. Few people would argue that we talk a lot more than men do. Do we do more than men? Maybe. Maybe not. But we sure have more to say about it all.
Marketers have recognized the power of all that talk. Women can be the source of a lot of communications about the things they buy and the places they shop, so it is wise to do whatever you can to make the most of this free advertising. Now word-of-mouth marketing, also known as viral marketing, is very much in vogue. 
The important thing is to make sure that if they are talking about your product or store that they have something good to say about it. Don’t disappoint. If they haven’t yet purchased your product then they might be talking about how interested they are in checking it out. 
Once they’ve visited your store or experienced your service, they might very well shift their discussion to the experience they had there. After all, the last thing they experienced is what they’re most likely to talk about, and the customer experience has now become an integral part of your product or service. It has to be a positive experience or it may become the subject of their next discuss, but maybe not in the way you wanted.
If you want men to talk about buying from you, make it easy to do so. Men value convenience and a speedy process. They want to find it, buy it and get out fast. Few men enjoy a drawn out buying experience.
Women do. They are more inclined to seek out alternatives and examine each relative to the other. Comparison shopping was undoubtedly a creation of women. If cavewomen went on the hunt in primitive times it might have taken a lot longer, but the woolly mammoth they picked to kill probably might have been more tender and clean, and with an excellent hide and tusks. It would not have been the easiest one to kill. That’s what the caveman would have looked for.
So give women something novel to talk about. Give them a coupon for a gift at the local chocolate emporium, or a discount at a local kid’s attraction. Find a way to get them to think positively, and uniquely, about your business, but also give them something good to say.
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Delia Passi is Founder and CEO of Medelia, Inc., the provider of the WomenCertified program. Medelia provides consulting and training on selling to women to many major corporations and small businesses seeking to improve their service and increase their sales to women. She is the author of Winning the Toughest Customer, the Essential Guide to Selling to Women (Kaplan 2006).