Features Of Kqc Red Devil Flat Iron: News

KQC are the thriving manufacturer of electrical personal care appliances, and proffer several other beauty supplies including hair dryers, hair straighteners, and flat irons. The products are manufactured in Korea and are world acclaimed most advanced ceramics and tourmaline irons. All over the world, the KQC flat iron is the first choice of the professional hair stylists, as it delivers high performance and is designed to provide you salon hair styling finish at your home.

The KQC red devil flat iron is rated as the best flat iron in the market, due to its amazing features. It consists of a unique combination of ceramics and tourmaline technology, which allows equal distribution of heat, across the hair strand and retains heat efficiently. It eliminates damaged spots and frizz and therefore, are recommended by the world renowned hair stylist.

The ceramics is an efficient source of negative ions which eliminates the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Moreover, it also stimulates the growth and retains natural oils in the scalp, reducing the chances of causing damage to the hair cuticle. It helps to seal the cuticle and static is eliminated, thus preserving natural moisture of hair. Tourmaline plates break clusters of water molecules, which are directly absorbed by the scalp resulting in silky smooth hair, making hair appear vivacious and shiny. Infrared heat results in silky smooth hair by thoroughly hydrating the scalp and styles hair faster. The red devil iron is equipped with ultra powerful Korean ceramics which proffers stable and precise temperature for hair styling. Moreover, these irons proffer variable temperature settings, ranging from 175 to 410 F, in order to suit every type of hair.

Another exclusive feature of KQC red devil flat iron is that it heats to maximum temperature within 30 seconds, and when maximum temperature is attained, it is denoted by a dark red color light. In order to add to its high performance, this features 360 degree swivel cord to prevent knots and tangling and features dual voltage system. These offer ergonometric design and step by step user’s guide, which aids in safe handling.

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