Fat Loss Nutrition – Let’s Talk About Food

Let’s talk about eating. What a major, major decision on your part when it comes to physique changes. Now that you’ve decided to win this battle and commit yourself to your personal health mission, it’s also time to recognize that you have to make changes in your eating habits, and understand your behavioral patterns. We all have our personal issues with food and the way we eat. Recognize and accept this fact and work on using them in a positive light to attaining your fitness goals.

Your Meal Intake and Frequencies

According to a nationwide survey, 50% of adults said that they ate three regular meals a day. What part of the survey are you? Personally, I believe in breaking down meals throughout the day. There is a smart way to simplify things. I’m going to call a “snack” a meal so, if I tell you to have three meals and two snacks I can also refer to it as having five meals a day.

Why is eating smaller meals or grazing important? Well, by eating smaller you “fire” up your metabolic engine. Your body gets hotter through your digestion process. Let me elaborate. Let’s say that you have a camp fire and the wood start to get “used-up.” So naturally to keep that fire hot and flaming you throw more firewood before the flame dies out. This is the same with keeping your “metabolic flame” hot. You must throw in another meal in your body to keep it raised naturally hot without you doing any extra work. Let your digestion work on it. Sometimes you can even break into a sweat. Let’s say that you haven’t eaten all day then in the evening you finally chow down (but really you shouldn’t have waited this long to eat!). Your body then starts to heat up.

Sometimes you can feel and see beads of sweat develop on you forehead or upper lip. This is your digestion heating you up and you are actually burning fat at this time (and hopefully building lean tissues as you progress). Ultimately, you want to keep eating a “healthy meal “every three to four hours. This also means that you should shoot for four to six mini-meals a day as much as possible. Eat smaller meals more frequently. Five to six modest, well-balanced meals throughout the day are better than the usual two to three big meals average people eat.

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