Fake News Events Caught Stand Urgent Rumor Best Buy

Beijing for the recent media reports that Best Buy is seeking to Beijing, Guangzhou 3C

Retail Market, and over the next 3 to 5 years, nearly a thousand stores to open the case, issued a statement in Best Buy: Best Buy is currently no large-scale expansion of the shop plans.

Best Buy stand “Crazy expansion” completely untrue

11 3, an article entitled “Best Buy restart the expansion path of choice in Beijing, Guangzhou,” the press release coming out bit network. According to the article reports, Best Buy recently, “has quietly put expansion plans in China,” and intended to “set foot in Beijing and Guangzhou, two first-tier cities,” “in the next three to five years out from 800 to 1,000 stores.” Article published in less than a week, it was quickly reprinted and quoted in major sites, one time, Best Buy “crazy” the shop plans to become the industry hot topic.

For this report, Best Buy said in a statement that the report was completely inaccurate in part: “In accordance with the established Best Buy

Business Plans, in order to 12 to 18 months, Best Buy in the mainland only two to three additional outlets. “As for the text” Best Buy to expand in Beijing and Guangzhou, “the statement, a statement said, Best Buy There is no shop in Shanghai and other cities plan.

Best Buy Sr PR Commissioner Zhang wing told reporters, according to the “bit network news,” saying she was an interview with Best Buy brand in the market and public relations manager, reached these conclusions after Wang Ying. Best Buy, according to phone records Shanghai Co., Ltd., Zhang Ying, and the reporter had been telephone exchange. “While this fake news be exposed shocking information, but bits of network news has ideas to solve Best Buy to provide the information the names and positions, we conclude that the content of this story is purely fictitious.”

‘s Survey “False news” event bewildering

Learned of a statement, the reporter first contacted the parties to this incident?? Bit network reporter Zhang. Been speculation about their manuscript into a hot topic in the industry, Zhang said he was accidental. She acknowledged that this article “Best Buy will set up nearly a thousand stores in the future,” the details, do not get official confirmation of Best Buy. But for Best Buy to enter the market in Beijing and Guangzhou, saying the two, Zhang insisted that the true: “held in Beijing in early November a retail CEO Summit, Beijing journalists to interview a lot of Best Buy, the 100 Buy into the three markets reported the news not only me, some mainstream newspaper also reported the capital, and now they say they really can not understand the content of non-existent. “

In the interview, Best Buy does not deny that some aspects of early November in Beijing participated in the retail summit, but said those who did not participate in the summit received bit network news interviews, nor disclosed outside the “introduction of 1000 stores “,” into three market “these outrageous messages.

However, the reporter found that, on November 3 to 9, the before and after the disclosure of Best Buy will enter Beijing, and Guangzhou in the media market is certainly not only net a bit, including some in Beijing and Guangzhou, two places Print Media. From this point of view, only the network a bit speculative because there’s an accident may be editing, but Beijing, Guangzhou few

Newspaper During the same period appears on the same issue of collective editorial accident, it not be justified. When reporters tried to contact the other key players in this event, Best Buy brand marketing and public relations manager Wang Ying, the other side of the

Office Tel and Mobile No answer has been in the state.

Jiemi truth Best Buy low-profile expansion has hidden secrets

A “false news”, the reason attracted extremely tense area Best Buy is not without reason. Zhang Wing explained that once the “false report” in the data exaggerated by foreign media quoted, will change


Best Buy, the eyes of “moderate” positive image, turn affect the stock price.

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