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Few days ago, I reluctantly help a “friend of a friend” editing video taken during travel. The reason is not reluctant to relations roundabout, but because Xiaoxin know, editing the film novice shooting is a very painful errand!

  Sure, a friend of the three boxes tape hand, when collected, Xiaoxin numerous faint! Three boxes full of tourist video tape, could not find even a few minutes stable, usable screen! Net is more rock, crazy push and pull, to find things like pictures of people dizzy. Xiao Xin crazy endless, angrily, did not do any processing, directly to his capture burn trouble! Friends, their own appreciation of it back slowly. Simply spoil a great opportunity to travel ah!

Dear DV enthusiasts, tourist season is coming soon, travel, the army also set off a digital camera. I believe we are keen to bring some charming scenery to the friends and family, not as Xiao Xin’s friends such a good opportunity to spoil tourist bar. Then his face sitting in a classroom listening to move a bar stool, Xiaoxin to commence it!

Use and maintenance of equipment failures

In lecturing before the first point on the camera the proper use of that topic. Or an old saying: advance preparation of its profits! Looks like the back of the machine to use and nothing to do with travel photography, in fact, a great relationship! If so we have left a say too late. If the digital camera use and care of properly, the failure of the road, and you will lament it! Xiao Xin talk to their last major mistakes that occurred in western Sichuan it!

Long journey through the words of Xiao Xin and his party finally arrived in the Dangling ecological well-preserved area, in order to remove the journey of Lawton, we decided to go Dangling a cool cool open-air hot spring, before the water, Xiaoxin Shun hand would already hard days of the Sony digital camera on the steps of hot spring, does not know that this is a very wrong move! So I got up after the natural hot springs found inside Shuangwai Wai: digital camera above the already condensed drops of water covered! Xiao Xin shouted bad! Not think of how much water vapor bath side, the equipment does become wet? ! However, the disaster has occurred, the camera had a black screen! Stamp wring! To the first rush to!

Camera is broken, do not bad enough. However, Xiaoxin to travel, were bought this digital camera wide angle lens, increasing travel times mirror and backup battery, add up to several kilograms of it good! Reluctant to discard, we need to carrying!

Although the problem is that DC, but the logic of digital cameras use the same! So, go out, maintenance is not easy at home, we must pay attention to the proper use and maintenance of equipment. Remember!

During travel to prevent issues: water, moisture, heat, anti-fall

Waterproof The road, wind and rain and unpredictable. To know that digital cameras are not waterproof. Once the water vapor inside the fuselage penetrated easily cause a short circuit. Waterproof approach: In addition to relatively good performance with a waterproof camera bags outside, when best to use more water to prepare the plastic belt cover on the digital camera. Special waterproof cover your death, not recommended.

Moisture A negative example when moisture is not a wonderful feeling, Xiao Xin had a profound experience, and we do not learn me. Where humidity in the air too long or give up the idea of filming it! If you want a waterfall, beach and other places to do a short film, specific protection measures are more ready to bring some plastic, or a body bag or a dry towel in front of the camera lens plus an additional UV to prevent water invasion. Another point carefully to collect food preservative, camera bags on the plane, but it is a good moisture agent ah!

Heat, anti-fall Heat, anti-fall?? For equipment protection can not be lightly out of! Be careful not to put a digital camera a long time the sun shines directly where, in May the weather is relatively hot, it is best not to DV on the car, unprotected high body temperature can reach 50 degrees more! Within a few hours or, DV some plastic parts (lens / drum, etc.) have much. (There is no way to use plastic parts, are cost-kicking bad!).

Addition, digital cameras do not use it, even more love to you how good the digital camera, when it had worked more than their lives! The best care on the bag inside carefully. Xiao Xin saw someone take a digital camera in the hands of the accident was like a free fall, but fortunately there are UV protected mirror look at the pieces, otherwise the result is not so wonderful. Better protection of digital cameras fitted with hanging around the neck, or digital camera in her hands in the hands of time, do not forget to protect the wound in the wrist band, multi-layer protection, the less worried Tiger has a nap time, right? (Continued)

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