Dealing With Drama Part 1

In high school, drama is a fact of life. Although most would never admit it, many teenage girls are completely addicted to it. They live to hear the latest bit of juicy gossip and will do absolutely anything to break up a happy relationship. With all the shows out there glamorizing this dramatic behavior, it’s fairly easy to see why this is the case. Fortunately, avoiding drama is easier than you may think. When it comes to dealing with drama, attitude is paramount.

You must firmly believe that you are a mature man above all forms of childish drama. Once you truly adopt this mindset, high school drama will suddenly appear to you as it really is: a joke. Everyone will quickly realize that you are a man above drama and follow your lead.

How To Act

Whenever you encounter any form of drama, act as though it is completely ridiculous. Imagine how you would look at a girl if she were to begin quacking like a duck for absolutely no reason. This is exactly the look to give her when she starts acting dramatic.

In relationships, set boundaries early and make them known by example. Don’t be afraid to tell girls that you find their behavior unattractive. As long as you have displayed high value to the girl, this method is very effective. Women place great importance on their appearance. Telling a girl her dramatic behavior is unattractive is about the same as her telling you that you’re weak and insecure.

Men place extreme importance on being strong and useful. Flip the script and put yourself in her position. Imagine you promised to take your girlfriend out to dinner, but at the last minute, you “forget” and play videogames with your buddies, leaving her hanging. Now if she were to call you that night and tell you she thought your behavior was weak and your flakiness showed insecurity, you would probably want to redeem yourself in her eyes. The same psychology applies to her. She will automatically begin to associate dramatic behavior with unattractive appearance. That, along with the fact you have the courage to tell her straight out what you feel, is very powerful.


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