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We have put together this article to provide you with facts pertaining to Cucumbers. Supermarket cucumbers are covered with an edible wax to protect them from moisture loss. When the vines wilt and collapse, usually about the same time that the first cucumbers are half grown, it is too late to prevent the disease.

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1. Cucumbers respond to mulching with soil-warming plastic in early spring or organic materials in summer.

2. Cucumbers are actually related to melons and watermelons.

3. Cucumbers originated in India, so it should come as no surprise that they enjoy heat and plenty of it.

4. Growing cucumbers also requires a bit of space, as they will not flourish if they are too tightly packed together.

5. Contrary to popular opinion, cucumbers do not cross-pollinate with muskmelons or watermelons and cause them to become bitter, tasteless or off-flavor.

6. Fresh cucumbers are dull green in color.

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1. Unpeeled cucumbers are higher in nutritional value as fiber and vitamin An is lost by peeling.

2. Un-waxed cucumbers don’t need to be peeled, but better cooks often do so since the peels tend to be thick and bitter.

3. Today, cucumbers are grown almost everywhere and are the fourth most cultivated vegetable crop in the world after tomatoes, breccias, and onions.

4. Cucumbers are a subtropical crop, requiring long warm days, plenty of sunshine and balmy nights.

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