Crafting the Perfect Photo Shoot with Professional Photography Equipment

Organizing and planning a photography shoot is no easy task. From Photo equipment rental to strobe equipment, how can you efficiently craft a photo shoot that is successful and completed in the time you’ve allocated and set aside for it? Being a diligent planner and organizer is essential. The most you plan, the better your photo shoot will be. Search for superior digital camera rental services that offer multiple services and professional photography equipment with one stop shop services, they’re rare, but they exist. Some things you want to look for within one rental company to successfully execute your photo shoot should include:

Lighting and grip equipment
Full digital capture equipment
Equipment van or truck
Production crew with photo assistants, digital tech, hair and makeup, even catering
Studio booking
Convenient pick-up hours and locations

The most important thing to do prior to your photo shoot is to plan your shots.

It’s common practice to create layouts for your shots. You can start with well-defined merchandise, brand look and pagination for your project. Advance your layouts one step further by defining how each item will be shot.

Figure out which item will be a frame shot or silhouette. What camera angle will you use? What will be in the background? What surfaces or props will you use? Have the answers for every single one of these questions so you know exactly what you’re doing every single step of the way.

After you’ve finalized the layouts and their respective specific details, create a shot list. The first factor to prioritize in your shot list should be camera angle, followed by background color set. In order to avoid unnecessary back and forth switching of lighting equipment and background sets and props, schedule your shots according to these two factors for guaranteed efficiency.

Every single camera angle requires specific lighting. Arrange your shots by camera angle so you can use a lighting setup in one shot. This goes the same for background color or set. Instead of switching the background or set for every single shot, shoot items that require the same background at the same time.

Once you’ve determined your shot list order, estimate how much time will be needed for each shot and create a schedule for each day.

Your production crew is a key component of your photo shoot. Schedule every member of your team as early as possible and assign responsibilities and duties. Schedule a meeting or even multiple meetings (depending on how large the production is) to discuss expectations. This will help avoid lengthy discussions when your crew has disagreements. When everyone’s on the same page, there will be a steady flow throughout your shoot.

It might take a few tries to perfect the execution of a successful photo shoot, see what works for you! is a photo equipment rental New York service providing a range of professional photography equipment, including DSLR HD camera lenses and strobe equipment.