Cordless phones – Walk while you talk!

Telecommunication sector has gone through various milestones through the times in terms of its inventions and their usage. Be it telegraph, telephones, pagers, cordless or mobile phones, all have altogether changed the meaning of communication and made the world a smaller place.
Let’s talk about its invention of cordless phones which came after fixed landline telephones and gave common man a wireless handset that can be used any where within a certain premises be it office or home. This was user friendly as you can walk while you talk on phone without any hassle of wires. You can put the cordless handset at any place in the house and not necessarily on the phone jack. This was a major attracting feature for the home phone users. Among its many useful features one with facility of intercom made it a popular and very much utility device for home, offices and factories.
Communication in Cordless telephones is through radio waves with a base station (at subscriber premises) connected to a fixed telephone line. The base station attaches to the telephone network the same way as corded telephone or home phone does. Cordless telephone requires electricity to charge the base station. It also has a rechargeable battery, which is charged when the hand phone or handset is on its cradle.
These phones are of three types: analog, digital and digital spread spectrum. Analog cordless phones: These type cordless home phones are least expensive, have better voice quality, but are not very secure as another comparable device might be able to listen to the conversation.
Digital cordless phones: They provide same range as analog but have better security than analog cordless home phones.
Digital Spread Spectrum (DSS): They have better range than analog or digital kind. They are more secure and immune from RF interference.
Benefits Cordless phones have lot many features such as digital answering, digital technology, conference calling, caller id, flash button, headset jack, hold button, intercom, handset locator, multi handset operation, LCD screen for display, pager, illuminated keypad, , multi line operation, mute, speed dialing etc. Most cordless phones have answering machines that can be accessed from anywhere in the house.
Availability There are many different kinds of cordless telephones available in the market with multiple features and different frequency bands. There are some hi-tech cordless phones which have long range and support maximum up to eight handsets. Earlier 900 MHz cordless phones were available, now the latest cordless phones are of the capacity of 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz that allows wider range, better voice quality and more security along with other complementary features.

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