Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets

Ever feel that celebrities have some super weight loss secret that they won’t share with us mere mortals?  How do they always seem to look so good?  Does a celebrity weight loss Secret really exist?

Well there are a lot of variables in play here; body doubles being one of the common techniques.  Also there are several famous celebs that are overweight, Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Kristie Alley, and Janet Jackson to name a few.

Now many of these famous people have personal chefs and trainers to help keep them fit.  Can you say unfair advantage?  Others use plastic surgery, liposuction, face lifts, you get the picture.

Then there are the spoke persons for famous diet programs like Kristie Alley.  These celebs are more like us normal folk, they struggle with their weight.  Did you notice that they replaced Kristie with Valerie Bertanelli?  I heard it was because Kristie was struggling with her weight again.  Imagine how that looks for the diet program she represented.

Let’s get to the truth of the matter.  There is no celebrity weight loss secret; at least not one that works for the long run.  They are human beings just like us.  The only secret is that the media and big companies use the hype to get people excited about buying their product.

All human being bodies have to follow the same laws of physiology.  Too many calories in and you gain weight.  The only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more; causing a calorie deficit and weight loss.  The only other way to lose weight is some sort of plastic surgery or liposuction.

The real truth is the profiteers from the weight loss industry do not want you to lose weight.  They would rather you kept on the roller coaster ride of weight loss and gain, so you will want to try the next fad they come up with.

So let me tell you what you need to do; it’s so simple you won’t believe it.  Pay a small one time fee, read some e-books and use a diet generator.  Yes a diet generator; you tell it what you won’t eat and it prints out a 2 week menu and a shopping list for you.  There are even cheat days planned in because no one is perfect.  To learn more of the real truth on how to lose weight forever.

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