Celebrity Gossip Predicts Domestic Bliss For Mother And Father Elton

Reginald Dwight, now known as Sir Elton John, has grabbed the headlines once again with the birth of his son, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John. Celebrity gossip suggests that the day of his birth, being Christmas day, 2010 may have been planned as a publicity stunt, but such suggestions are angrily denied by Sir Elton and his husband, David Furnish.

The identity of Zachary’s surrogate mother is not being given out, though rumour has it that she may be in the show business too, and that the Dwight DNA was used in the fertilization process.

Retired business person Dave Furnish may well be annoyed at being entirely left out of the genetic pool, even if his name is on the list in place of the child’s genetic dam. Another name on the list is the title of a song.

In the course of their well documented gay wedding Elton was thought of as the wife in the relationship. Now that his sperm has been used to father a child he is obviously both the mother and the father, presumably with the obligations of both. Father’s are quite often regarded as legally challenged when it comes to parenthood, and the position of David Furnish with respect to custody rights and alimony obligations in the event of a divorce boggle the mind. However, with the weight of finance firmly in Sir Elton’s favor it is unlikely that alimony demands would be too onerous.

Like other lucky singers Elton is very rich, and likely to stay that way. Nonetheless, it is said that he doesn’t even own a Blackberry, and only an outdated lap top that he uses to follow sport scores. This will have to change if he wishes to keep up with his son who will turn twenty when his father is in his eighties. The two will have to have some technology in common, and it may fall to foster father/ mother Dave to mediate between the two. At least that is one role that he may play. It will be hard to be neither mother nor father, or both.

Zachary became a celebrity like his mother/father on the day of his birth, the twenty-fifth of December, 2010. His father and mother may, or may not have had much to do with the auspicious date, but he certainly conferred his celebrity status on the child. He did not do the same for Zach’s genetic mother, and it is rumoured that Dave will be the one to rise at two in the morning to minister to the celebrity child. Sir Elton on account of his huge fortune, might not take to changing diapers, and will probably concentrate on teaching young Zach how to be a celebrity from birth.

As time rolls inexorably the voices of sixties pop stars will fade inevitably, but Sir Elton has stated emphatically that it is his long awaited father or mother hood that is the reason for his partial retirement from live performances. His intention is to devote more time to his family. Sir Elton’s reportedly has a very large fortune, and this will provide welcome security for baby Zachary and David Furnish. It will also provide help, possibly, to take care of some of the more mundane aspects of being a parent.

His very large and well feted fortune will cushion him from many of the more arduous hardships of being a parent and a wife. However, celebrity status also has many dreadful hardships associated with it. Apparently some sarcastic and even unkind remarks have been levelled at Sir Elton and his family, and he has vowed to pursue libellous celebrity gossip through legal channels.

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