Belly Fat Loss Myths – The Real Skinny Behind Belly Fat Weight Loss

If you’ve been trying to shrink your tummy but not getting anywhere it may be because you’ve fallen for one of the many belly fat loss myths out there.

One of the reasons so many of us have trouble getting a flat stomach is that we listen to rumors and gossip with our friends and try to follow their advice. Unfortunately, most of us are not friends with doctors or dietitians; so the advice we are getting is often flat-out wrong. In fact, some of the myths and rumors about how to flatten your stomach can actually cause you to gain weight and store more fat! How awful is that?

Yet, these myths about how to lose our belly fat persist, which cause us to waste time that could be spent reducing our waistline! Let’s take a look at some common belly fat loss myths, and why they should be considered urban legends and not part of your lifestyle.

Skipping meals can help you burn fat. This is one of the worst rumors out there. Not only will skipping meals not help you lose weight or shrink your stomach; it can actually cause you to look fatter. When you skip a meal, your body decides to conserve the fat and calories from your next meal. And your metabolism slows down! All of these factors can add inches to your waistline. In order to really burn fat, you need to eat small amounts of food during the day, which keeps your metabolism going strong and burning off the healthy food you are eating. Never, ever skip a meal if you want to shrink your waistline!
If you want to shrink your stomach, just do crunches. Not true! Doing crunches is an important part of any weight loss plan designed to reduce your stomach. But, if you don’t also alter your diet or lifestyle all you’ll be doing is putting a layer of muscle underneath your fat. This can make you look bigger than you were before. Always supplement crunches with a healthy diet. They won’t work on their own!
To shrink your belly, stop eating fats. Believe this at your peril. Your body needs to consume some fat every day in order to stay healthy. Now, that doesn’t mean to order the extra large cheeseburger; but cutting all fats out of your system can be very unhealthy. The thing to do is to eat low amounts of healthy fats like olive oil, nuts and fish.
Do cardio workouts every morning. Cardio workouts are great for your overall health, but they do almost nothing at all to help you shrink your belly. This doesn’t mean you should avoid cardio workouts. It means that you should also incorporate sit-ups and crunches into your routine if you are serious about shrinking your stomach.

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