Beach Photo Shooting Tips For Couples

Beaches are often popular locations for engagement photos and wedding pictures because it offers great lighting, backgrounds and other features. Furthermore, the beach symbolizes eternal things that exist on Earth, so many couples opt for this place to pray for their permanent marriage. If you expect to have dreaming wedding album to mark your love, let\’s take a look at these four beach shooting tips.



Lighting plays an important role in creating beautiful images. You should take photographs on the beach in early morning and late evening because the sunlight is usually soft.


The sunrise and sunset can provide great background color for your photos


Harsh sunlight may create bright highlights and dark shadows, so you should not shoot on the beach in afternoons.


When the sun is the brightest, shooting photos is not suitable



Many people often run towards their houses or condos when it starts to rain at the beach. However, some couples choose the time to take photos because they can create natural background such as lightning over the water, darkening skies, crashing waves and windblown dune grass. Remember to use a waterproof camera or cover your camera when shooting in the rain.


Stones on the beach after a heavy rain


A rainy day on the beach


Black and white

The beach is a simple landscape, so removing the color can help your photos become starker and more beautiful. Black and white photos look especially good on cloudy days.


The couple has a warm kiss on the beach



In order to own a beautiful wedding album, you should not ignore beautiful elements of the beach like sand, shells, driftwood, rocks and wildlife.


Sand creates interesting shapes and textures at the water\’s edge


Shells, driftwood and rocks help your photos become more lively and real


Birds, fish, crabs and other animals can make your beach photos more compelling, so you do not forget to shoot the wildlife





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