Arsenal doubled shoot with great precision long-range Wang skill swells breaking on six occasions

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Denilson this season is no longer a fixed main, Wenger let him pick the sessions, and run into a number of tough opponents will play as much as possible to protect him. But do not say, Brazilians’d remove the burden of performance experience from time to time, this round against West Ham, after a lapse of nearly two months later, Denilson scored again, last time was January 24 break off combat Story grams of the city.

Premier League: Arsenal 2-0 West Ham [Sports Photo Center] Denilson goal celebration

Denilson long shot is the surest way to goal, the first five minutes of this battle is that he kicked the wall with Turner after the completion of the cutting, drilling directly to the bottom right corner kick shot into the net. The angle of the ball, whether or superior strength Dushi masterpiece, England, Green had no time to fight the blaze abroad. This is Denilson League 4 goals, the last one is the 2-2 home draw against Everton meritorious deeds, that’s the key to breaking the same.

After the goal, Denilson a rare passion for a while, went to the sidelines danced the samba, while teammates with him no one can be and, the young Brazilians do not mind enjoyment. 5 minutes later, he almost into the second ball or the ball of the Turner, replaced header ferry, Denilson to stir up the ball neatly, sideways hit a hook shot, but unfortunately this did not fully hit are part of.

Wenger always wanted your feet impressive Denilson Fabregas can become a good partner, had more than once praised the Brazilian “has the potential to do and Cesc as good.” Professor boast no less than Denilson, even though last season he played 51 games while scoring only 3, have repeatedly stressed that the media too hard on him, “You should be more analysis of his game, he steals a lot, running range is also great, very high pass rate in place, so the players worthy of your trust. “

This war, Denilson on the faithful completion of all Wenger want him to do, game ball 81 times in his 79 second pass in place, the number of team passing second, the first successes, and Fabuleijia Sri Lanka activate the team with the midfield. Although Brazilians role is only “water bearer”, but he is also on the defensive after the Song retracement of the shoulder the important task of plugging the midfield, there were 3 and 5 steals to intercept the results, do the very Gongshoupingheng place. After the match, Sky Sports Denilson played to 7 points of a good score, goal net is that: “He broke into a victory for Arsenal to find the key.”

Because of the injury and location of the problem, Denilson has played the season only 23 times less than the same period last season, more than a dozen. Reduce the appearance rate, however, the Brazilians but to recharge your batteries, the energy to play in the rotation played out the season so far he has into 6 balls, scoring the previous two seasons combined (each scored 2 goals and 3 goals ) has more scoring rate Gengshi Bi doubling last season.

Even more amazing is that this six goals all came from outside the restricted area, there are also long-range positioning the ball, called the king of long-range shooter. Good at passing the ball, defensive efforts are to grow long-range ability was even more rapid, low-key Denilson in improving their own technology, but also for the Arsenal midfield to provide more choices.

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