Arizona Shooting: A World Beyond the Violence in Tucson Lies in Our Hands

Daily Spiritual Insight from Eckhart Tolle’s Stillness Speaks

Whenever you hear public figures, whether in politics or in the media, attacking other people, you already know they aren’t the right people to lead us into what Eckhart Tolle calls A New Earth and Jesus called “the kingdom of God.”

When we have a need to attack our fellow humans, we are coming from what Eckhart refers to as “the little me,” the ego, which is a highly unconscious state. No answers lie in unconsciousness.

As Eckhart commented on a special Namaste Radio interview awhile ago, what’s needed today is for individuals who are aware of the deep rootedness of humanity in our divine Source to come forward and take up leadership roles.

There are serious matters to be tackled in our world right now, but more and more unconscious rhetoric aimed at each other isn’t going to resolve these issues.

What’s needed at this time is for us to access the creative genius of the Presence at the heart of reality—at the heart of each of us.

As a result of this Presence, the one we think of as our “enemy” actually has much to contribute to the common good—if we can stop seeing each other as opposed to each other.

The “little me” we imagine ourselves to be can never bring our world together in the way that’s required to tackle the ills on this planet. It’s always going to tend to divide people, instead of creatively addressing the issues together.

The shooting in Tucson, with six dead and fourteen wounded, may have been carried out by a lone individual, perhaps with a driver accomplice for whom police are now searching, but it’s representative of the divided “us versus them” of the egoic mindset that prevails at this time.

In his second book, Stillness Speaks, Eckhart puts it this way:

And so you forget your rootedness in Being, your divine reality, and lose yourself in the world. Confusion, anger, depression, violence and conflict arise when humans forget who they are.

Much of our world’s political debate produces what someone has dubbed “all heat and no light.” One ego railing against another cannot lead to the peace and prosperity for which we all, in our heart of hearts, long.

There are solutions to our world’s economic disparity, hunger, the environmental problems we are facing—every issue we face as a species. But solutions don’t lie in argument and rhetoric, in blaming and dividing.

Are we about to plunge into an era of greater division, increased violence, and intensified hatred? Or can we make the leap into the stillness at the heart of our humanity—a stillness in which all the answers we could ever need are available?


David Robert Ord is author of Your Forgotten Self Mirrored in Jesus the Christ and the audio book Lessons in Loving–A Journey into the Heart, both from Namaste Publishing, publishers of Eckhart Tolle and other transformational authors.

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